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Judy Manning

Dream chaser extraordinaire! Judy is a tad sarcastic and kind of goofy! She is an avid admirer of all things supernatural, paranormal, and mystical. She finally came around to zombies, but NO clowns...she loathes clowns. She loves to read, write, and watches way too much TV. She enjoys many genres of film and music of the Trance/Electronica variety (and let's be honest, most music from the 80s). She also has a wicked sweet tooth. Cupcakes beware.
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Salem – “All Fall Down” Retrospective. All Hell Breaks Loose, Literally!

Salem – “Ashes, Ashes” Retrospective. Oh, How the Mighty Have Fallen.

Salem – “Cat and Mouse” Retrospective. Dirty Deeds & Dark Legacies.

Salem – “House of Pain” Retrospective. The Taste of Ashes.

Salem – “Departures” Retrospective. The Devil’s Due.

Salem – “Our Own Private America” Retrospective. High Stakes and Dark Desires.

Salem – “The Red Rose and the Briar” Retrospective.  Embrace The Darkness.

Salem —“Lies” Retrospective.  Know Thy Enemy.

Salem – “Survivors” Retrospective.  Dirty Little Secrets.

Salem – “In Vain” Retrospective. All Is Not Lost Or Is It?

‘SALEM’ Renewed For Second Season

Salem – “The Stone Child” Retrospective. Whoa, Mama!

Salem – “The Vow” Retrospective. Sex, Magic, and a Toad?

Video Interviews: WGN America’s New Series – SALEM

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