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Bitten – “Bad Dreams” Retrospective. What Dreams May Come.
The second season of Bitten continues to impress me with its many surprise endings and attention to detail. The werewolf series doesn’t hold back with its weekly gore, sex, and drama. “Bad Dreams” appears to be no exception until the ...
Bitten – “Dark Arts” Review. More Unfinished Business.
If something looks too good to be true, it’s because usually it is. So, it doesn’t surprise me to learn Aleister’s (Sean Rogerson) story line is far from over after the events in “Bad Dreams.” In “Dark Arts,” Aleister returns ...
Bitten – “Dead Meat” Retrospective. Can’t Keep a Good Wolf Down
Weird medical experiments, necromancy, and sexual magic are just some of the topics addressed in “Dead Meat.” And here I thought the human world would be the greatest obstacle for the characters in the second season of Bitten. It is, ...
Bitten – “Hell’s Teeth” Retrospective. Bite Back.
“Hell’s Teeth” couldn’t be a more appropriate title for the latest episode of Bitten where surprising alliances develop, and lives are lost in gruesome ways.
Bitten – “Bad Dreams” Retrospective. What Dreams May Come.
Bitten – “Dark Arts” Review. More Unfinished Business.
Bitten – “Dead Meat” Retrospective. Can’t Keep a Good Wolf
Bitten – “Hell’s Teeth” Retrospective. Bite Back.


Dominion – “Lay Thee Before Kings” Retrospective. The Chosen Few.

Casting News: Dennis Haysbert, David Hewlett, and Ian Tracey Join Cast of Syfy’s Incorporated

Dominion – “Reap the Whirlwind” Retrospective. War is Hell.

TV News: Syfy Announces Premiere Date for Childhood’s End

Dominion – “Son of the Fallen” Retrospective. In the Name of the Father.

Syfy and UCP Announce Start of Production on New Series Hunters

Dominion – “A Bitter Truth” Retrospective. The Fear is Real.

Julia Ormond Joins Cast of Syfy’s New Series Incorporated

Syfy and UCP Bring Grindhouse Genre to TV With New Series BLOOD DRIVE

Video: Dark Matter – “Episode 8” Sneak Peek

VIDEO: Killjoys – “Kiss, Kiss, Bye Bye” Sneak Peek

Dominion– “The Narrow Gate” Retrospective. Blood and Sacrifice.

Syfy’s Sharknado Week (July 18-25) Will Premiere Seven Original Movies

Dominion Season Premiere – “Heirs of Salvation” Retrospective. A New Hope.

Video: Dark Matter – “Who Is Jace Corso?” Clip

Syfy’s New Game Show Geeks Who Drink Hosted by Zachary Levi Premieres July 16

TV Promo: Killjoys – “The Harvest”

Video: Defiance “History Rhymes” First Look

TV News: Season 9 of Face Off Premieres Tuesday, July 28

Syfy Announces 2015 San Diego Comic-Con Panels

TV Promos – Defiance Season Three – “Broken Bough” And Two Spoilers from Episode One

TV Promo and Inside Looks at Syfy’s New Series Killjoys

VIDEO: Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! Adds More Cameos Including Frankie Muniz, Ne-Yo, Lou Ferrigno, and More!

TV News: Syfy Joins with Bradley Cooper, Graham King, Todd Phillips to Develop Hyperion

Bitten – Season 2 Finale “Scavenger’s Daughter” and “Fine Temporum” Retrospective. Live and Let Die.

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