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Power — “It’s Done” Review. Some Doors Close, Others Open.

Power – “You Lied to Me” Review. A Clean(er) Image?

Power – “New Man” Recap. Some Surprising Endings.

Power – “We’re in This Together” Review. Major Revelations and More.

TV Trailer: Outlander Season 3 Trailer

News: Starz Announces the Return of Outlander September 10

Power– “The Kind of Man You Are” Review. The Blame Game.

Power – “Things Are Going to Get Worse” Review. Hard Sobering Times Ahead.

Power Season Four Premiere – “When I Get Out” Review. Hell Hath No Fury…

American Gods – “Come To Jesus” Recap. Spring is Here.

American Gods – “A Prayer for Mad Sweeney” Recap. Life of a Leprechaun.

American Gods – “A Murder of Gods” Recap. You Are What You Worship.

American Gods – “Lemon Scented You” Recap. Time to Rebrand?

American Gods – “Head Full of Snow” Recap.

TV News: STARZ Renews American Gods For Second Season

American Gods – “The Secret of Spoon” Recap.

TV News and Teaser: Power Returns to Starz for its Fourth Season Sunday, June 25

Black Sails—“XXXVIII” Series Finale Review. Legends and Legacies

Black Sails—“XXXVII” Review.  Let the Games Begin!

American Gods – “The Bone Orchard.” Review. WTF Just Happened?

Black Sails – “XXXVI” Review. Until the Bitter End.

Trailer: “American Gods” New Trailer

Black Sails—“XXXV” Review. A Woman’s Worth.

Black Sails—“XXXIV” Review. Death Comes to Nassau.

Black Sails – “XXXIII” Review. Risking It All.

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