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Ray Donovan – “Rodef” Top Five Moments. Murphy’s Law.
As penultimate episodes go, “Rodef” is top class. It takes us a little closer to winding up certain story lines, setting up this season’s finale perfectly. I must say, I’m sorry this is the last we’ll see of Shorty. I ...
Ray Donovan – “Snowflake” Recap. To Tell or Not to Tell.
“Snowflake” is a compelling episode that leaves a lot to be resolved. While I think the Marvin/Bridget story line is over, I wonder if it really is. With Ray dumping Bridget’s bloody clothes in a dumpster, has he paved the ...
Ray Donovan – “Walk This Way” Top Five Moments. Happy Birthday, Conor.
“Walk This Way” is Liev Schreiber’s first attempt at directing a TV show and outside of one scene, he does a fairly good job. I don't particularly care for the way Schreiber shoots Ray stumbling down the stairs at the ...
Ray Donovan – “Sunny” Top Three Moments. From Bad to Worse.
“Sunny” does a good job of furthering everyone’s story lines—some ending and some continuing—as we near the end of season two of Ray Donovan. I’m not sorry Bridget’s first love is over; maybe now, she’ll stop lying and listen to ...
Ray Donovan – “Rodef” Top Five Moments. Murphy’s Law.
Ray Donovan – “Snowflake” Recap. To Tell or Not to
Ray Donovan – “Walk This Way” Top Five Moments. Happy
Ray Donovan – “Sunny” Top Three Moments. From Bad to
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Homeland – “Krieg Nicht Lieb” Retrospective. Revenge.

The Affair – “109” Retrospective. Trouble in Paradise.

Showtime Receives Nine Golden Globe® Noms This Year

Luke Wilson and Imogen Poots to Star in Showtime’s New Comedy, Roadies

Homeland – “13 Hours in Islamabad” Retrospective. The Body Count.

The Affair – “108” Review. The Two Lovers Reunite.

Steven Weber to Guest Star on Showtime’s House of Lies

Homeland – “There’s Something Else Going On” Retrospective. Live or Die.

“More Casting News from Showtime’s New Series, Happyish.”

The Affair – “106” Review. Truth or Lie?

Homeland – “Halfway to a Donut” Retrospective. Escape or Die.

Updated Casting News: Bradley Whitford Joins Showtime’s New Comedy Happyish

Showtime Releases Season Five Poster Art for its Hit Comedy Series, Shameless

Casting News: Actress Kathryn Hahn to Star in Showtime’s Comedy Pilot, Happyish

News: Showtime Renews Both Homeland and The Affair

Homeland – “Redux” Retrospective. Full Circle.

The Affair – “105” Review. The Victim is Revealed.

The Affair – “104” Review. The Web We Weave.

Homeland – “From A to B and Back Again” Review. Trust No One but Yourself.

Showtime’s Programming Overview for 2014-15 TV Season

The Affair – “103” Review. A Man in Charge.

Homeland – “About a Boy” Review. There’s More Than One Way to Skin a Cat.

Paul Giamatti and Damian Lewis Cast as Leads in Showtime’s Billions

The Affair – “102” Review. Jam, Fish, and Horsies, Oh My!

Homeland – “Iron in the Fire” Review. The Reason Behind Bachman’s Death.

The Affair Season Premiere – “101” Review. Two Differing Viewpoints.

Homeland – “Shalwar Kameez” Review. Carrie 2.0.

Homeland – “The Drone Queen” & “Trylon and Perisphere” Season Premiere Review. Carrie is Back, Better than Ever.

Showtime® Comedy Series Shameless, House of Lies and Episodes Return January 11, 2015.

Showtime Comedy Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Sets Cast.

Ray Donovan Season 2 Finale – “The Captain” Review. Full Circle.

Video: Ray Donovan Season 2 Finale – “The Ties That Bind” Airs Sunday, Sept 28

Ray Donovan – “Rodef” Top Five Moments. Murphy’s Law.

Genesis – Sum of the Parts To Premiere on Showtime®

Ray Donovan – “Volchek” Top Five Moments. Lives Begin to Unravel.

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