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News: Science Channel’s New Series, Secrets of the Lost Premieres February 25

News: Science Channel’s Deadly Intelligence Investigates Untimely and Unusual Deaths of Brilliant Scientists

Video/News: New Season of Outrageous Acts of Science Returns to Science Channel Feb. 28.

News: Johnny Galecki and the Science Channel’s New Series, SciJinks, Premieres Spring 2018

News: Science Channel Three-Part Docu-Series Silicon Valley: The Untold Story Premieres January 28

News: Science Channel’s How the Universe Works Returns January 9

News: Science Channel’s Street Science Returns For Season 2 November 15

News: Science Channel’s Secrets of the Underground Premieres October 28

News: Season 4 of Science Channel’s What On Earth? Premieres October17

News: Science Channel’s Super Hurricanes: Inside Monster Storms Airs Sept 22

News: Science Channel Investigates Mysteries Caught on Tape in Strange Evidence Premiering October 17

News: Science Channel’s Mysteries of the Abandoned: Chernobyl’s Secrets Premieres Aug 31

News: Science Channel Makes Announcements On Mythbusters, Mysteries of the Missing, and Great American Eclipse

News: Science Channel’s BattleBots Premieres July 12

News: Science Channel Goes Live For Great American Eclipse August 21

News: Survivorman & Son: Mongolia Premiering Friday, June 16

News: Science Channel’s Outrageous Acts of Danger Debuts June 21

TV News: Science Channel Crowns New MYTHBUSTERS

TV News: Science Channel’s New Series HACKING THE WILD Premieres Feb. 15

TV News: Science Channel’s MYTHBUSTERS: THE SEARCH Names Nerdist’s Kyle Hill As Host

TV News: All New Season of Science Channel’s THROUGH THE WORMHOLE WITH MORGAN FREEMAN Returns Aug. 30

TV NEWS: Astronauts, Comedians & Stuntwomen, Oh My! – New Series on Science Channel

TV News: Science Channel’s NASA’s Unexplained Files Returns Feb. 23

TV News: Outrageous Acts of Science Returns to Science Channel on Jan 9

Science Channel To Air Mega Marathon of Mythbusters Beginning December 23

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