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TV Promo: Haven – Season 4 Finale Part 2 – “The Lighthouse” Sneak Peek
Check out a sneak peek of Haven Season 4 Finale Part 2 - "The Lighthouse" - William continues with his plan to turn Audrey back into her original self, meanwhile the rest of the gang find out that some ...
TV Promos: HAVEN – “Lost and Found” Preview and Bonus Clips
Nathan and Dwight investigate child disappearances linked to an ancient legend, while Duke tries to focus Jennifer's trouble in hopes of finding Audrey. Bonus Clips: Behind the Scenes - construction of the sewer set from Episode 3 "Bad Blood", ...
TV Promos: HAVEN – “William” Sneak Peek and Bonus Clips
William – Sneak Peek: Audrey discovers that the mysterious thugs from the barn have followed Lexie to Haven and are holding William as a hostage. She and William must uncover their sinister plan! And don't forget to check out the ...
TV Promo: Haven Season 4 Finale Part 1 – “When the Bough Breaks” Preview
When the Bough Breaks (Part 1 of Two-Part Finale) – Preview: To convince Audrey of the truth behind her origins, William unleashes a terrible new curse. Don't miss an all-new episode this Friday, Dec. 6, at 10|9c. Plus check out ...
TV Promo: Haven – Season 4 Finale Part 2 –
TV Promos: HAVEN – “Lost and Found” Preview and Bonus
TV Promos: HAVEN – “William” Sneak Peek and Bonus Clips
TV Promo: Haven Season 4 Finale Part 1 – “When


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Lifetime Sets New Network Record With 17 Emmy® Noms

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Lifetime’s Project Runway’s New Season Premieres July 24

BIG DRIVER, Based on Stephen King Novella Comes To Lifetime

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