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News: Street Outlaws Returns to Discovery November 27

News: Discovery Channel’s New Series Max Grundy Premieres Nov 6

News: Discovery Channel’s Moonshiners Returns November 14

News: Discovery Channel’s Hot Grease Premieres November 16

News: American Chopper Returns to Discovery Channel in 2018

News: Discovery Channel’s New Series Bushcraft Build-Off Premieres Nov 8

News: Discovery Channel’s HOMESTEAD RESCUE Returns November 8

News: Discovery Channel’s New Survival Show Ed Stafford: Left For Dead Premieres October 10

News: Smithsonian Channel’s Series Air Disasters Season Nine Premieres Oct 15

News: Discovery Channel Series FAST N’ LOUD Returns Monday, October 16

News: Discovery’s Alaska: The Last Frontier Goes Live Beginning October 1st

News: Discovery’s ALASKA: THE LAST FRONTIER Returns October 1st

News: Discovery’s Edge of Alaska Final Season Premieres Oct 8

News: Discovery Channel Announces its Fall Slate of Original Programming

News: Discovery’s All New Series Gear Dogs (WT) Premieres September 4

News: Discovery Channel to Premiere Man-Eating Python August 25

News: New Season of Misfit Garage Returns to Discovery Channel August 30

News: Richard Rawlings Stars in Discovery Series Garage Rehab Premiering Aug 30

News: Diesel Brothers Returns to Discovery Sept 4

News: Discovery’s Bering Sea Gold Season 6 Premieres August 11

News: Discovery’s New Medical Documentary, First in Human, Premieres August 10

News: Eli Roth Returns As Host of Late Night Talk Show SHARK AFTER DARK July 23-27

News: Discovery Channel’s Two Night Survival Event Begins August 2

News: Discovery Channel’s Carspotting Premieres August 7

News: Discovery Orders Bush League (w/t) With Host Matt Graham

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