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Satisfaction Renewed for a Second Season
I've been having fun watching Satisfaction's Neil Truman (Matt Passmore) and his wife Grace (Stephanie Szostak) do the marriage dance with the help, so to speak, of Adriana (Katherine LaNasa) and Simon (Blair Redford). So, after watching the shocking cliffhanger ...
TV Promos: Satisfaction – “…Through Competition”
Are you watching USA's newest hit series, Satisfaction? If you aren't, you should be. Here are some clips from tonight's episode, "...Through Competition," to whet your appetite. What are you waiting for? Satisfaction airs Thursdays at 10/9c, only on ...
Backstrom – “Dragon Slayer” Review. Been There, Seen That
The two most commonly aired shows today are either about detectives/cops or the medical field. Somewhere in the human psyche, we are interested in people who save lives and/or investigate the mystery of the week. Backstrom is a detective series ...
12 Monkeys -“Pilot” Review. Come With Me If You Want ALL OF US to Live
Coming to a flat screen/laptop/smartphone near you, is the new Syfy series 12 Monkeys, based on Terry Gilliam’s film of the same name. Just so you know kids, time travel is not full of fun and games like Doctor Who ...
Satisfaction Renewed for a Second Season
TV Promos: Satisfaction – “…Through Competition”
Backstrom – “Dragon Slayer” Review. Been There, Seen That
12 Monkeys -“Pilot” Review. Come With Me If You Want


TV News: A+E Networks Upfront Announcements

“Bates Motel” Conference Call with Freddie Highmore and Carlton Cuse

BATES MOTEL Renewed For Season 3

Interview with Vera Farmiga, Star of Bates Motel, and Kerry Ehrin, Executive Producer

Love, Guns, and Infamy. Review: Bonnie & Clyde

TV/Comic-Con: Video Release from A&E’s BATES MOTEL – “Where is Freddie Highmore?”

TV News: NBC Scores 53 Primetime Emmy® Nominations

Review: The Glades, S2, E13 (Season Finale) – “Breakout”

Review: The Glades, S2, E12 – “Shine”

Review: The Glades, S2, E11 – “Beached”

Review: The Glades, S2, E10 – “Swamp Thing”

Review: The Glades, S2, E9 – “Iron Pipeline”

Review: The Glades, S2, E8 – “Second Skin”

Review: The Glades, S2, E7 – “Addicted to Love”

Review: The Glades, S2, E6 – “Gibtown”

Review: The Glades, S2, E5 – “Dirty Little Secrets”

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