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ABC Announces Premiere Dates for its 2014-15 Fall TV Schedule
In a press release today, ABC announced the Fall premiere dates for its 2014-2015 season. It includes six new series—Forever, black-ish, How to Get Away with Murder, Selfie, Manhattan Love Story, and Cristela, as well as 17 returning series. Below ...
Castle – “Castle P.I.” Recap. Sherlock Castle Is On the Case.
“Castle P.I.” takes a fun and interesting look at how this long running series is keeping things fresh and entertaining. During the preliminary analysis of the murder of Shana Baker (Gia Mora), an elite pre-school admissions director, things take an ...
ABC Unveils 2014-15 Primetime Schedule
ABC continues its commitment to world-class storytelling and new creative voices with the announcement of its 2014-15 slate of programming, including the addition of 12 new series. Paul Lee, president, ABC Entertainment Group, will unveil the network’s new lineup to ...
Castle – “Resurrection” Recap. Serious Mommy Issues or Just Demented?
As a Castle fan, I enjoyed last night’s “Resurrection” which brings back an old case and the return of two devious minds – renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Kelly Nieman (guest star Annie Wersching) and serial killer Jerry Tyson (Michael Mosley), ...
ABC Announces Premiere Dates for its 2014-15 Fall TV Schedule
Castle – “Castle P.I.” Recap. Sherlock Castle Is On the
ABC Unveils 2014-15 Primetime Schedule
Castle – “Resurrection” Recap. Serious Mommy Issues or Just Demented?


The Goldbergs – “Barry Goldberg’s Day Off” Retrospective. Chick Chicka.

Castle – “The Wrong Stuff” Recap. Lost in Space Suits.

The Goldbergs – “Van People” Retrospective. Standoff of Stubbornness.

Castle – “Reckoning” Recap. Like a Moth to the Flame. Shocking and Suspenseful!

The Goldbergs – “Cowboy Country” Retrospective. Walk Like a Man.

Castle – “Resurrection” Recap. Serious Mommy Issues or Just Demented?

Castle – “I, Witness” Recap. It Isn’t the Butler.

Castle – “Private Eye, Caramba!” Recap. Shh! Don’t Telenovela.

News: ABC Family Premieres Pitch Perfect Sunday Jan 18

The Goldbergs – “The Darryl Dawkins Dance” Retrospective. Secret Shame.

Castle – “Castle P.I.” Recap. Sherlock Castle Is On the Case.

Promo/Photos: Melissa & Joey – All New Episode “The Honeymooners” Wed. Jan 14

The Goldbergs – “DannyDonnieJoeyJonJordan” Retrospective. Hangin’ Tough.

The Goldbergs – “The Most Handsome Boy on the Planet” Retrospective. Model Walk.

Castle – “Last Action Hero” Recap. All’s Fair in Love and Action Movies.

Castle – “Kill Switch” Recap. One Flu Over the Coo Coo’s Nest.

The Goldbergs – “A Goldberg Thanksgiving” Retrospective. The Bet.

Castle – “Once Upon a Time in the West” Recap. Giddy Up, City Slickers!

The Goldbergs – “Big Baby Ball” Retrospective. Barrynopoly.

ABC Family Announces January 2015 Returning Series Premiere Dates

Castle – “The Time of Our Lives” Recap. Alternate Warped Reality.

The Goldbergs – “Family Takes Care of Beverly” Retrospective. Who’s Mikey?

The Goldbergs – “Shall We Play a Game?” Retrospective. JTP in the House.

Castle – “Child’s Play” Recap. Jerkface.

ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas 2014 Programming Lineup

Castle – “Clear & Present Danger” Recap. Cuttlefish and the Invisible Man?

The Goldbergs – “The Facts of Bleeping Life” Retrospective. Sha-la-la-la

Castle – “Montreal” Recap. Toys and Crazy Theories.

The Goldbergs – “Mama Drama” Retrospective. Jesus and the 30 Apostles

How to Get Away with Murder Series Premiere – “Pilot” Review. Dead Bodies.

Black-ish – “Pilot” Review. Keepin’ It Real with Baked Fried Chicken?

Castle Season 7 Premiere – “Driven” Advance Review. Runaway Groom?

Resurrection Season Two Premiere – “Revelation” Spoiler-Free Advance Review. Alive Again

The Goldbergs – “Love is a Mixtape” Advance Review. The Bailout

Forever – “Pilot” Advance Review. Sherlock Holmes Meets Indiana Jones with Bond Style.

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