Jan 16 2015

Trailer: SUPREMACY Starring Danny Glover, Joe Anderson, Derek Luke, and Dawn Olivieri in Theaters Jan 30


Well Go USA Entertainment

WELL GO USA Entertainment



Supremacy Movie Poster 406x600_2STARRING: Joe Anderson, Dawn Olivieri, Derek Luke, Evan Ross, Lela Rochon, Anson Mount, & Danny Glover

DIRECTED BY: Deon Taylor

RELEASE DATE: Friday, January 30, 2015 in theaters and VOD

SYNOPSIS: Tully (Joe Anderson, The Crazies, A Single Shot, Hercules) just got paroled. But his first night out could be his last. He just killed a cop. And no one’s gonna listen to an ex-con with the Aryan Nation. His leader (Anson Mount, Hell on Wheels) just cut him loose, and as the police close in, Tully and his girlfriend (Dawn Olivieri, House of Lies) add home invasion and hostages to the body count. But no one counted on Mr. Walker (Danny Glover, Lethal Weapon), an ex-con himself, to fight back – using his understanding of the racist mind to turn the tables on a desperate and violent man. Will it be enough to keep his family alive?


 RUN TIME/ FORMAT/RATING: 104 MINs / Digital Formats / Rated R

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: www.SupremacyTheMovie.com

For more information visit:



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