Nov 25 2014

Sleepy Hollow – “Magnum Opus” Recap. More Than Meets the Eye.


Sleepy Hollow S2 Key Art (featured)Season 2, Episode 10

Air Date: Monday, November 24, 2014 at 9/8c on Fox





[warning] SPOILERS AHEAD [/warning]


If last week’s “Mama” didn’t frighten you enough, perhaps being turned to stone will. Or maybe you are just waiting for a young Moloch (Grant Springate) to grow up and bring about the end of days? Well, that last one may be exactly what will happen before Sleepy Hollow’s second season goes on hiatus.

Ichabod and Abbie find a secret tunnel leading to the potential resting place of Enoch's sword

Ichabod and Abbie find a secret tunnel leading to the potential resting place of Enoch’s sword

In a race against time, Ichabod (Tom Mison) and Abbie (Nicole Beharie) must decipher the clues hidden in Abbie’s ancestors’ journal to find a weapon that can defeat Moloch (Derek Mears) before he fully matures, which could be any minute now. Part of the puzzle is for both Ichabod and Abbie to truly know who they are, and by taking a deeper look inside themselves, we get a few flashbacks to Ichabod’s past and how his friendship with Abraham (Neil Jackson) turned sour. Side note – the writers are really getting into what I like to call ‘bullshit’ territory when it comes to Ichabod and Abbie solving clues. How did Ichabod know to put that shiny silver stein in the middle of the page to see the winding snake on the page?

Abraham, the hero? In a way, he the end. His love for Katrina may save him.

Abraham, the hero? In a way, he might…in the end. His love for Katrina may save him.

Ichabod didn’t want to go to the New World but, at the urging of his best friend and fencing partner Abraham, we know he travelled to America and eventually defected against the British. Ichabod feels his destiny has been shaped by others making choices for him but ultimately, it is Ichabod’s free will that has decided his fate. Ichabod didn’t know he is meant to be a “hero” and a “witness,” yet he is. Nor did Abraham ever imagine he would become the “Horseman of Death,” but it’s all about the choices made in the face of anger, betrayal, and abandonment that forge one’s true self. I believe we all possess both good and evil within us; it is our free will that allows us to choose which path we take, sometimes on a daily basis. Do you think Abraham would have made the better hero, like he suggests? Was he meant for Katrina (Katia Winter) or has the better man fallen into his rightful destiny?

As Abbie and Ichabod figure out the clues, they are led to an underground cave where “Enoch’s sword” is rumored to be hidden. While watching Abbie and Ichabod step down the spiraling staircase into a darkened room, I am reminded a bit of two Indiana Jones movies – The Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Last Crusade. All the sand and snakes remind of the desert location of the first; the circle of swords surrounding a giant goblet shaped fountain reminds me of the second. I’m not quite sure where the Medusa looking creature known as a “gorgon” comes in because that’s going in the Greek mythology direction like Clash of the Titans or something. Talk about a tangent.

Irving slips past Jenny on their way to Canada.

Irving slips past Jenny on their way to Canada.

Meanwhile, Jenny (Lyndie Greenwood) is in a race of her own as she speeds out of town with Irving (Orlando Jones) trying to cross the border into Canada before the state police block the roads. There isn’t much explored on this particular story line except the fact Irving sneaks off leaving Jenny a voice mail stating he’s not going to run away. Irving needs to think about things – his soul is not his own. And with Moloch fully matured, Henry (John Noble) is about to sound the “horn” calling Moloch’s servants to him. I believe Irving will have no choice but to heed that call.


Interesting Moments

Abbie and Ichabod come up with a very clever idea to get past old snake-head in the cave. If they look at it, they will turn to stone, like so many countless others who are forever entombed there. But, since Abraham, aka the Headless Horseman, doesn’t have any eyes, he can play with the gorgon while Abbie and Ichabod try to find the sword. Abraham is always up for a good fight, isn’t he?

The intense confrontation between Ichabod and Abraham in the sword room is revealing. I believe Abraham can be redeemed because he could have easily pulled the trigger to end the feud but doesn’t. Is it possible he still has admiration for his former friend?



While “Magnum Opus” has its moments, it’s a filler episode at best. We do get a bit of a push in the Moloch story line when Abbie and Ichabod figure out how to find the sword but it may be too late. Moloch is fully matured and Henry has set things in motion to call all of Moloch’s servants to his side. The end of days is drawing nearer. Can this magical sword truly be the answer to end the looming apocalypse?

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