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Sleepy Hollow – “Heartless” Recap. Heart and Soul Sucking Demon.


Sleepy Hollow S2 Key Art (featured)Season 2, Episode 8

Air Date: Monday, November 10, 2014 at 9/8c on Fox





[warning] SPOILERS AHEAD [/warning]

“…secrecy is a hard habit to break.” — Ichabod

I know Sleepy Hollow is supposed to be about the doom and gloom of an impending apocalypse, but I am enjoying the strolls down Lovers Lane with both Ichabod (Tom Mison) and his beloved wife Katrina (Katia Winter), and a budding connection between Abbie (Nicole Beharie) and Nick Hawley (Matt Barr). I had my reservations about Hawley but he’s grown on me and now I’m smitten; it’s obvious he is too…over Abbie, that is.

Evil seductress Lilith plays on your deepest desires then leaves you breathless...literally.

Evil seductress Lilith plays on your deepest desires then leaves you breathless…literally.

While “Heartless” delves into the macabre as Henry (John Noble) unleashes a dangerous “succubus,” or “Incordata – the heartless,” on unsuspecting victims, the underlying message is a variable mix dealing with the faith you should have in those you love and opening your heart to new possibilities, even during inopportune moments. But the succubus Lilith (guest star Caroline Ford) isn’t sucking the life force out of her victims to satiate her lustful needs; oh no, she’s on a mission. I wonder if they make baby bottles for demons.

So in last week’s “Deliverance,” we thought baby Moloch (Derek Mears) had been vanquished by the use of Benjamin Franklin’s (Timothy Busfield) aurora borealis prism. In a way, he was. His physical form couldn’t take hold but his life force was catapulted out and resides in a special container Henry possesses. Using the life force the succubus obtains from her victims, the energy feeds Moloch and the end result is astonishing. What everyone fears comes to fruition – Moloch is reborn on earth.

Throughout “Heartless,” Ichabod, Abbie, and Hawley try to solve the mystery surrounding the succubus. Hawley’s close encounter with her nearly kills him but Katrina’s witchy tracking spell thankfully puts Ichabod and Abbie in the right place just in the nick of time. Hawley needs to be careful around women he meets in bars. I think his comment about certain types of women has an underlying meaning. “I can’t seem to get rid of the crazy ones.” I wonder if Hawley is thinking of Jenny (Lyndie Greenwood). Not that Jenny is crazy, but she’s aware of Hawley’s growing adoration toward her sister Abbie. Of course, Ichabod senses something. “The creature is drawn to those who hide desire in their heart.” As Hawley looks at Abbie with longing, Ichabod finally pieces it together as Hawley explains, “Hey, I’m grateful, you know; she saved my life.” Yeah, and I’m sure you would love to repay her in more ways than one, Hawley.

Really...Club Twerk...

Really…Club Twerk?

Abbie and Katrina have a small disagreement about Henry’s redeeming qualities or lack thereof, but ultimately they work together to find the succubus’ heart, which is kept separate from her physical body. Meanwhile, Ichabod and Hawley go to the nightclub, “Club Twerk,” to seek her out. The conversation they have about Abbie is comical, with Ichabod acting like the older brother.

Ichabod: “Mr. Hawley, what are your intentions toward Leftenant Mills?”

Hawley: “Look, I don’t know what you’re talking about but whatever it is, I’m pretty damn certain it’s none of your business. (As Ichabod walks away) Hey, just to be clear, she asked about me or…”

I think Abbie is warming up to the idea of Hawley. When she helps him bandage his wounds after his fight with the succubus, I couldn’t help but swoon. Maybe it’s him being shirtless or how cute he looks when Abbie offers to help him with the bandage; either way, I am excited to see their relationship slowly unfold. The anticipation keeps me coming back for more. And it is probably the shirtless part; truth be told, I’m shameless.

Abraham (Neil Jackson) is beyond thrilled to have Katrina back. He claims she was warming up to him and the cause he and Henry fight for. I want to believe Katrina going back to Abraham after defeating the succubus is for the right reasons but the way she looks at the baby frightens me. The necklace she wears to help her see Abraham rather than just a headless man also allows her to see the baby. I wonder what she would see if she didn’t wear the pendant. Would she see an adorable baby or would she see a monster?


Interesting Moments

Ichabod is wearing his hair down. I like it but it gives off a relaxed vibe that concerns me. He and Abbie are fighting for humanity’s survival against an apocalypse of cataclysmic proportions; therefore I think the ponytail is in order.

This needs to just does.

This needs to happen…it just does.

How fun is it watching Ichabod and Katrina sitting in bed together discussing the virtues of a man’s intentions on a reality dating television show? Abbie puts things into perspective, “As much as I would love to introduce you to the joys of Housewives and Duck Dynasty, we’ve got work to do.”

Henry calmly and with a genuine resolve says “It’s good to see you, Mother.” That frightens me beyond words. Is he so enamored with his “horrid king” being reborn, he’s willing to overlook his past grievances with Katrina? Will Katrina be swayed because she desperately wants to believe her son can be saved?

After Katrina is struck down while reading the incantation that destroys the succubus’ heart, Abbie must finish it. When did Abbie learn to read Latin or whatever language the spell is written in? I know the hex over the cemetery is to prevent another witch from performing magic but how is Abbie able to complete the spell and destroy the heart? Is it the power of being a witness?



“Heartless” progresses the Moloch rebirth story line and thrusts Sleepy Hollow into unknown territory now that Katrina has gone back to Abraham. I fear Katrina’s desperation to prove her son can be redeemed will be a thorn in the side of those fighting against Moloch.

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