Jul 08 2014

Sharknado Generates A Perfect Transmedia Storm!


Get ready for sharks to invade land, phones and books with the premiere of Sharknado 2: The Second One on Syfy Wednesday, July 30 at 9PM (ET/PT).

In a press release from Syfy:


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NEW YORK – July 8, 2014 – Following the successful launch of Sharknado branded merchandise, Syfy and The Asylum today announced two new brand extensions of the global social media and pop culture sensation.


Sharknado 2: The Second One premieres on Syfy Wednesday, July 30 at 9PM (ET/PT).

Syfy and The Asylum have partnered with Three Rivers Press, an imprint of the Crown Publishing Group at Random House, Inc., on the trade paperback original HOW TO SURVIVE A SHARKNADO AND OTHER UNNATURAL DISASTERS: Fight Back When Monsters and Mother Nature Attack.

On sale now, HOW TO SURVIVE A SHARKNADO AND OTHER UNNATURAL DISASTERS is the first and only comprehensive guide to surviving the dangers of a post-apocalyptic world where Mother Nature is angry and monsters are hungry. Inside this life-saving reference book, readers will find vital information on everything from firenados and swamp volcanoes to arachnoquakes and piranhacondas.

HOW TO SURVIVE A SHARKNADO AND OTHER UNNATURAL DISASTERS provides easy-to-follow tips on how to study, avoid, and survive the very worst of Mother Nature, including tactics for fighting back against land and sea beasts, instructions on “How to Wield a Chainsaw Like a Boss,” and useful recipes for getting through the apocalypse (such as the Four Horsemen cocktail). From humor writer Andrew Shaffer with contributions from Sharknado survivors Fin Shepard and April Wexler—like the S.S.A.T. (Shepard Survival Assessment Test)—HOW TO SURVIVE A SHARKNADO AND OTHER UNNATURAL DISASTERS is the essential book to have in the event of disaster, calamity, or flying shark attack.

To learn more about HOW TO SURVIVE A SHARKNADO AND OTHER UNNATURAL DISASTERS visit: www.sharknadobook.com

Syfy and The Asylum, through their licensing and merchandising agency Earthbound, are also partnering with game developer Other Ocean and publisher Majesco Entertainment Company to release SHARKNADO: THE VIDEO GAME for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Designed in the popular ‘infinite runner’ genre, players assume the lead role as Fin as they race to destroy a series of shark-infested tornadoes threatening New York City. The game will release prior to the July 30 premiere of Sharknado 2.


• Run through the streets of Manhattan wielding a broadsword

• Bounce off of the backs of tiger sharks to reach higher ground

• Feed buckets of fish to angry sharks to avoid dying

• Surf New York’s flooded avenues, avoiding hammerhead stampedes

• Collect official Sharknado trading cards

  • Grab a chainsaw and fly into the heart of a sharknado, destroying it from the inside

To learn more about SHARKNADO: THE VIDEO GAME visit: www.otherocean.com

“Whether it’s boxer shorts, books, towels or video games, the Sharknado franchise is becoming an extraordinary consumer products phenomenon along with its worldwide pop culture popularity,” said Jeff Li, Vice President, Syfy Ventures. “We’re delighted to extend Sharknado to print and video gaming platforms, giving fans new ways to enjoy and interact with the world’s craziest disaster.”

“The extensions of our brands like Sharknado and Mega Python vs. Gatoroid into books and video gaming are part of The Asylum’s overall growth and commitment to our fans,” said David Latt, Sharknado Producer and co-founder of The Asylum. “We look forward to taking a bite out of publishing and video gaming with the upcoming release of these properties and Sharknado 2.””

“When I saw Sharknado, I really took Fin Shepard’s mantra, Semper Paratus (Always ready), to heart. Sure, other books can help you fend off your garden-variety shark, but what do you do when angry, chomping Great Whites are flying at your head? HOW TO SURVIVE A SHARKNADO AND OTHER UNNATURAL DISASTERS answers that critical question, and many more. I’m thrilled to work with Syfy and The Asylum on this life-saving book,” said Matt Inman, the acquiring editor at Crown Publishing.

“When Majesco approached us about making a Sharknado game, we said ‘yes’ before they’d even finished asking,” said SHARKNADO: THE VIDEO GAME designer Frank Cifaldi. “The game we came up with is very much in the spirit of the films: ridiculous, overblown, yet oddly sincere. We can’t wait for fans to sink their teeth into it.”

Source: ©2014 Syfy, a division of NBC Universal. All Rights Reserved.

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