Jun 20 2015

Power– “Like We’re Any Other Couple” Retrospective. Shit’s Gettin’ Real.


Season 2, Episode 3

Air Date: Saturday, June 20, 2015, 9:00 pm ET/PT on Starz



It’s like we’re any other couple. You and me. No looking over our shoulders.” – Angela

While Jamie (Omari Hardwick) takes Angela (Lela Loren) to Miami to procure another club owner’s signature on an acquisition contract with Simon Stern (Victor Garber), his main reason for going involves Pink Sneakers (Leslie Lopez), whose real name, by the way, is Mariela. In New York, Tommy (Joseph Sikora) ignores Ghost’s advice to bring Kanan (guest star Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson) back into the business slowly, and forges ahead full force, resulting in cataclysmic consequences. Shit is definitely getting real in “Like We’re Any Other Couple.”

Jamie and Angela enjoying the beautiful city of Miami.

Jamie and Angela enjoying the beautiful city of Miami.

Miami is a beautiful location in which to lose yourself when the realities of life threaten to ruin the future you imagine for yourself.  Such is the case for Jamie and Angela as they walk the streets of the beautiful city hand-in-hand, eating the indigenous delicacies in Little Havana, and pretending to be husband and wife. “It’s everything we wanted.” If I didn’t know better, I’d say “Like We’re Any Other Couple” had been written by either a female or highly acclaimed author Nicholas Sparks because of the dialogue. But episodic writer Randy Huggins proves he also can deliver terrific romantic dialogue both in and out of bed. Speaking of bed, director David Knoller sure knows how to set the mood for the various romps in the hay for this couple. I’m sure it doesn’t hurt that Hardwick and Loren’s chemistry is spot on. They absolutely sizzle onscreen.

Too bad the mood is ruined…well, almost…with Angela’s confession to Jamie. I understand why she does it after her visit to the local FBI office where she tells her friend, Cindy Chambers (guest star Amy Hargreaves), about her dilemma. At first, I thought Jamie was going to lose it but cooler heads prevail when he realizes he won’t gain a thing if he goes off on her for lying to him. Seeing them lying in each other’s arms, reassuring one another how much they love each other, and that nothing will change is a bit fanciful. How could things not change? At least Angela provides some valuable information about club owner Lee (guest star Nick Gehlfuss) to Tommy, which he uses to his advantage. Maybe her job has some perks after all.

Photography By Myles Aronowitz

It’s too soon, Tommy, too damn soon.

Back at home, Tommy takes Kanan to the laundromat where they meet up with Julio (J.R. Ramirez). I know the drug business nets huge amounts of money but damn, that’s a whole lotta cash on that table! The problem is Kanan hears information he shouldn’t that has an effect on Ghost’s plans for Mariela. Adding Dre (Rotimi) into the mix solves one of Ghost’s problems while creating another. Man, is Ghost going to be pissed if he figures out what happened in Miami, who is involved, and why. Worse yet is what happens when Kanan and Tommy pay Q-Dubs (Mark John Jeffries) a visit. Talk about throwing a huge monkey wrench into Ghost’s long-term plans! Will Tommy rat out Kanan to Ghost or keep quiet? With Tommy and Ghost being such great friends, it’s amazing how easy it is for Kanan to ‘work’ Tommy. They certainly are becoming fast friends.

Other Observations

Even though Tasha (Naturi Naughton) gave Shawn (Sinqua Walls) the brush-off last week, she can’t stand to see Keisha (La La Anthony) making moves on the man. That is so not fair of Tasha nor is the way she comes onto Shawn; she’s a married woman with no intentions of leaving her husband. Why shouldn’t Keisha flirt with Shawn? But, does she do that because she’s truly interested in the guy, or is it Keisha’s way of getting back at Tasha for all the hand-me-downs she’s been forced to take from Tasha? Plus, the way he acts with Tariq (Michael Rainey Jr.), Ghost and Tasha’s son, makes him perfect father material. Just sayin’. As an aside, did you check out Walls’ abs? Wow.

I truly got a kick out of the exchange Ghost has with Carlos De Leon (playing himself), a very cute elderly gentleman who is playing dominoes with his friends in a public square. While this scene provides a light-hearted moment, it also serves as an opportunity for Ghost to snap a picture of Mariela outside the Calle Ochos market.

When is Greg (Andy Bean) going to learn his lesson? Angela is constantly getting him in trouble but he still keeps doing favors for her. He’s like a love-sick puppy.

Humorous Line

Kanan: “Ya know, m’fucker’s gonna steal from me usually winds up disappearin’ or gettin’ his ass beat in the shower.”

Tommy: “Remind me to not get in the fuckin’ shower with you.”



Photography By Myles Aronowitz

A bittersweet goodbye at the airport.

I totally enjoyed “Like We’re Any Other Couple.” Besides the gritty dialogue and Knoller’s excellent direction, I sure did appreciate the amount of naked bodies in this episode! If you ask me, Power has some of the best hard bodies in Hollywood, both male and female. Lela Loren is one hot mama in that gold dress, and Ghost—well, I’ve already told you what I think of him! On a more serious note, Hardwick turns in an excellent performance, switching seamlessly between lover and criminal. He certainly knows how to turn on the charm when necessary. Hardwick makes it difficult to know whether Jamie is telling Angela the truth about their future together or whether he’s just playing along, using her to get whatever information he needs.

What did you think of “Like We’re Any Other Couple?” I don’t know about you but I got the feeling that the look that passes between Jamie and Angela after they return home might be the last look they share as a loving couple. And I am more than anxious to see what happens now that Ghost is home as it’s only a matter of time before he finds out what happened at the laundromat. Hit me up on Twitter @SeasideTV or leave your comments below.


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