Feb 17 2011

Ghostly Encounters – Stories From Readers (1)


So I asked for your ghostly encounters or paranormal experiences and I got a few responses. Thank you for sharing your stories! Keep them coming! ~ Judybopp

This story is from Dianne Moody –

“Not long after Jamison and I were married, we were spending the night at his mother’s house.  We had been asleep for several hours and I suddenly woke up and felt like someone was looking at me.  Slightly elevated by my side of the bed was a little blond girl with ringlets that sort of glowed white.  She wore an old fashioned ivory lace dress, stockings and little black boots that came up to right below her knees.  She also had a bow in her hair as if it had been tied back with a ribbon to keep her hair out of her eyes, while it still hung loosely around her shoulders.  She obviously wasn’t from this era.  I would say somewhere in the 1800’s if I had to guess.  She floated down to “stand” beside the bed and smiled at me.  I told her hello and she said “Hi!” just like an excited child would.  I didn’t feel anything malevolent from her so I just kept watching her and smiling at her.  She asked me if I wanted to play and I told her it was time for sleep, but I would play with her the next day if she wanted.  She smiled and said, “OK!” and disappeared.  I’ve never seen her again.  The land that Jamison’s mom’s house is built on is located on the Cherokee Trail of Tears and although this little girl was not of American Indian decent, his mom has seen some that most definitely were.  It’s a happening little place for paranormal activity and the ghosts often move things, like the pictures off of the walls and lay them in the same order in the floor.  Kind of creepy!

It sounds weird, and some people don’t believe me, but I can sense spirits and tell whether they are good or bad.  Occasionally I’ll see a dark shape, but the little girl is the only formed spirit I’ve seen to my knowledge.  When visiting the various Civil War battlefields both here in Maryland and in Tennessee and Georgia when I was growing up, I could always sense a number of spirits around, but none ever made their selves known to me.  Also when visiting General’s Lee’s house in Arlington Cemetery outside of DC, I ventured in to the living area before the rest of the group and something was definitely in that room and it wasn’t happy at all!  That was the first time I had ever truly been scared of that sort of thing.  I left the room and when I re-entered with other people whatever was there before was thankfully gone.  Whatever it was it wasn’t pleasant!”

You can find Dianne – On Twitter: @diannesdishes and her Website: http://www.diannesdishes.com/

This next story is from someone who wishes to remain anonymous –

“Ok, my ghost story is fairly short & simple. You might even say it’s boring, but hey, you asked. I guess I’ll start by saying I was not a believer before my experience with Elmer Hicks. I was fairly open-minded to the paranormal though. So here goes my little ghost story.

We rented an old house in my home town of Camden, SC when I got out of the Navy in 1998. Elmer built the house in the late 40’s. We didn’t know when we rented it that Elmer had passed away in the house in 1996. The house also happened to be in the same neighborhood where my step-grandmother lived since she was born in the 30’s.

I saw Elmer only one time when he opened our hallway linen closet one night after I had just gotten in the bed. I rolled over, arranged my pillow, looked into the hallway and there was Elmer. It was a surreal moment but not all that unnerving. He walked through the hall, put his hand out and opened the door. He was wearing a solid colored shirt and pants that looked light in color, maybe beige, with a faint plaid pattern on them. He was grey and hazy, but it was a lot like an outfit a man would wear in the mid to late 60’s, probably when Elmer was in the prime of his life. He didn’t look old or infirm.

When I shared the story with my wife we realized that door seemingly opened by itself all the time. Sometimes I’d walk into my bedroom & the door would be closed and it would be open when I walked out seconds, minutes or hours later. Other doors in the house did the same thing at times. We never put two and two together until that night.

After I had the experience I asked my grandmother about the house and previous owners. She knew the only other owner, Elmer Hicks, and shared what she knew. She told me some other stories as well. The only one I can remember at the moment was about a white dog that was seen in the neighborhood by her kids after it had died a week earlier. She didn’t get into a lot of detail on that one though.

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Judy Manning

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