Mar 09 2011

Ghostly Encounters – Stories From Readers (2)


So I asked for your ghostly encounters or paranormal experiences and I got another response. Thank you for sharing your stories! Keep them coming! ~ Judybopp

We have more Ghostly Encounters stories from our readers/fans. These two stories come from Dave in Singapore.

Story 1

Back in the ’90s I was in college and my parents were living in Hong Kong at the time, so I spent every summer with them there. Anyway, the apartment was one that the company bought and it seemed all right. But the funny thing is our house keeper could never sleep with her light off and neither could I. Anyway, after dinner my mom liked to conserve energy by turning off the necessary lights and our apartment was illuminated by the city lights anyway since we were high on a hill/mountain.
When anyone of us was in the TV room/Study we could look across the living room into the hallway that led to the bedrooms and more often than not it looked like someone was standing in the corridor looking at us. This usually happened when only one of us was in the TV room. I usually brushed it off that the housekeeper was doing some last minute stuff or something or that it was my imagination, I mean the apartment was fully occupied.
Anyway one night my parents were in the TV room and I was in my room and I felt chilly. Nothing strange, I thought as it was winter time, but the heater was on and so I decided to go to the living room. Anyway As I headed out there a white misty shape moved past me, at the time I thought my eyes were just playing tricks on me and I rubbed them. I wasn’t too freaked out because and my parents who were within view at the time saw it too. I thought nothing of it until my Dad looked at my mom and said, “Did you see that?” She nodded her head and laughed nervously and said “Yes.”
When I asked about what they were talking about, Dad said, “the Ghost of the Apartment,” to which my mom gave him a swift kick because she knows I’m the world’s biggest chicken. They only told me about it after we moved.

Now going back to the person in the corridor, we all saw it when we were in the lounge alone, this was confirmed and we always brushed it off as our imagination or the housekeeper or one of us. Thing is we realized later was…it wasn’t. I still get the chills thinking about it.

Story 2

This happened in Singapore. I was staying at home on my own one night; everyone else was out of town. I couldn’t sleep and was restless all night so at about 2am I decided to take a walk around the neighborhood. Now the neighborhood was cast in an eerie greenish glow, thanks to the fluorescent street lamps, but as I began walking I noticed someone waving to me from a parked car. But when I got to the car no one was there.

I brushed it off as my mind playing tricks on me. I continued walking to around the neighborhood and I stopped at one particular house. I saw a man standing on his front porch with his back towards me. I could see his silhouette quite clearly as the porch light was right above his head. I couldn’t see his face when he turned around, but I watched him get into his car. I waited for him to pull out of his driveway but he sat in the driver’s seat. I don’t know what he was doing just sitting there. I looked away momentarily, and in that split second, the guy vanished. He wasn’t in the car anymore. I hadn’t heard the car door open, the house door hadn’t opened. He was gone. I blinked once; then twice and then I realized what had happened–I had just seen a ghost!

Freaked, I ran all the way back home. Legs felt like lead, of course, scrambled to unlock the door. Once in, I bolted it, turned on all the lights, locked myself in my parents room, whipped open the Bible and began reading random passages and I called my parents back in Hong Kong. They weren’t impressed as at that point they already knew they were living with a ghost so it was no big deal to them. They didn’t tell me about our Hong Kong housemate when I was there because they didn’t want me sleeping on their bedroom floor every night! haha. I finally fell asleep at dawn. A couple of days later, I discovered the owner of the house had died THAT night!

© 2011, Judy Manning. All rights reserved.

Judy Manning

Dream chaser extraordinaire! Judy is a tad sarcastic and kind of goofy! She is an avid admirer of all things supernatural, paranormal, and mystical. She finally came around to zombies, but NO clowns...she loathes clowns. She loves to read, write, and watches way too much TV. She enjoys many genres of film and music of the Trance/Electronica variety (and let's be honest, most music from the 80s). She also has a wicked sweet tooth. Cupcakes beware.
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