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Falling Skies “Saturday Night Massacre” – Top Three Moments.


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Air Date: Sunday, August 3, 2014 at 10/9c on TNT



“Your hearts are filled with violence. I tried to show you another path but you don’t have the courage to change; there’s nothing more I can do, for any of you.” – Lexi


“Saturday Night Massacre” feels more like a penultimate episode rather than a regular one. With only ten episodes per season, we are inching closer to the fourth season finale, and if “Saturday Night Massacre” is any indication, more lives will be lost before any headway is made.

L-R: Matt, Tom, and Anne watch in horror as Lexi puts Lourdes out of her misery.

L-R: Matt, Tom, and Anne watch in horror as Lexi puts Lourdes out of her misery.

Lexi (Scarlett Byrne) emerges from her cocoon, and while she still looks the same, she isn’t. Lexi’s powers have magnified exponentially and she’s chosen her Espheni family over her human family.

With the tranquility now upended due to Lexi’s departure, there is nothing stopping the Espheni and their Mechs (mechanical killing machines) and Skitters from coming in and destroying China Town. Thankfully, Cochise (Doug Jones) and his Volm technology are able to pinpoint where the Espheni plan to strike. This advance notice allows Tom (Noah Wyle) and the 2nd Mass, including Anne (Moon Bloodgood), Weaver (Will Patton), and the Mason sons Hal (Drew Roy) and Matt (Maxim Knight), to join in on the action. Meanwhile, middle son Ben (Connor Jessup) decides to go after Lexi to try and reason with her.

Death and destruction are the mainstays of “Saturday Night Massacre,” but if you look carefully, you’ll find a small glimmer of hope sitting among the rubble and ruin.


Top 3 Moments of “Saturday Night Massacre”


Moment #3 Brotherly love doesn’t matter. Ben tries to be a good big brother and reason with his little half-sister but things don’t go according to plan. Where is Lexi going and why is she taking Ben with her? Is Ben pretending to go along or do they really have control over him through his harness spikes? Does Lexi feel more connected to Ben because he’s different from the rest of her biological family?


L-R: Weaver, Tom, and Tector go over battle plans and reassess their situation after a gas line explodes.

L-R: Weaver, Tom, and Tector – Tom is ready to sacrifice himself to kill the Espheni overlord using Tector’s long range rifle.

Moment #2 — Make It Rain (Thermite). Using what little resources they have, Anne comes up with a brilliant idea to use thermite to attack the Mechs. I love how they put thermite into the paper lanterns hanging above the streets. When the Mechs walk through, the 2nd Mass blast the lanterns and rain thermite down upon the Mechs, disabling them in an instant. The entire scene is a pretty awesome moment…short lived victory, but a good victory nonetheless.


Moment #1 — Freedom. It’s been a touchy subject all season long. I’ve seen so many negative comments on the Falling Skies Facebook page about Lourdes (Gabrielle Seychelle), her change in allegiances, and her cult like status among the Lex-ites (Lexi followers). Well, those who wanted Lourdes to bite the dust get their wish but it doesn’t happen amid a hail of bullets and fighting, oh no. Lexi is the one who puts Lourdes out of her misery in a most unusual and seemingly painful way. Lourdes, the most devout of all the followers meets her end at the hands of the one person she revered most. Ain’t that a slap in the face for ya?


“Saturday Night Massacre” proves to be quite deadly, and we lose a lot of good people, including Dr. Roger Kadar (Robert Sean Leonard). Without his expertise in studying Lexi’s blood samples, will Anne be able to figure out how to save her without Roger’s help? The real question is – can Lexi be saved? Is Anne right, does Lexi still have some humanity left in her or is the Espheni side beginning to take over completely?


What are your top moments of “Saturday Night Massacre?” I’d love to hear from you. Please leave a comment here or tweet me @judybopp.


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