Oct 13 2013

Double Shot! Book Reviews: “Wait for Me” and “To Give A Heart Wings” by Mary Kay McComas

Photo courtesy of Amazon.com

Photo courtesy of Amazon.com

Wait for Me by Mary Kay McComas

Genre: Contemporary Fiction


Synopsis: Destinies collide when two strangers find love in a moment of chaos

Holly is navigating a crowded Los Angeles International Airport terminal when the earthquake hits. Dazed, she fails to notice the ceiling crumbling above her. But in one swift motion, a stranger tackles her, saving her from certain death as tons of debris crash only feet from where they fall, locked in an embrace. Drawn together in a split second, Holly and Oliver find a bond they never could have expected. Can the love built in a single, dramatic moment really be the result of a passion that has spanned many lifetimes?  – Open Road

The synopsis for Wait for Me is misleading. There’s really no touching on the reincarnation aspect of the story. The opening chapter is mysterious and begins in this theme, but the rest of the story doesn’t seem to remember the premise. Nevertheless, I enjoyed reading Holly and Oliver’s story. It’s a true love story in the sense of two people from different worlds meeting under interesting circumstances and sparks fly.

What aggravated me the most was Holly’s reluctance to accept help. I understand independence and wanting to be your own woman, but this chick takes it to a whole other level. She’s dirt poor but won’t ask for a hand to get out of the hole she’s in. I’m not discounting her strength and resolve to do for herself; I celebrate independent women. It’s the thought that she’d rather be struggling from day-to-day than be able to breathe a sigh of relief that she won’t be homeless next month. And Oliver, he’s such a great hero but he’s not without his faults. I didn’t want him to push Holly to spill all her secrets and life story, but I felt he wasn’t as supportive as he could have been. The two were supposed to have been lovers from another time who were separated and have been reunited, but that doesn’t come across well. McComas tries to drop in lines they’ve both supposedly heard before or sound familiar to them though they can’t place the words or the person who said them. It all felt like a gimmick, and a poorly executed one at that. There’s no reason to label this as a reincarnation themed romance novel. Totally misleading.

With that said, I adored the romance in Wait for Me. (Notice how I keep saying the “r” word.) I rooted for Holly and Oliver throughout the entire book, wanting them to be together and for their love to win out over all obstacles. This is a delightful read full of passion with a bit of suspense and mystery thrown in. I recommend this for lovers of romance, star-crossed lovers, and women who can stand on their own two feet.


Photo courtesy of Amazon.com

Photo courtesy of Amazon.com

To Give A Heart Wings by Mary Kay McComas

Genre: Contemporary Fiction


Synopsis: One unforgettable encounter sends Colt McKinnon on a tireless search for a gorgeous siren—regardless of the consequences

From across a crowded nightclub, Colt McKinnon locks his eyes on Hannah Alexander. His fixed gaze, flush with confidence and ease, holds her steadily—and takes her breath away. At first, she dismisses him as a relentless flirt, but soon the two are together on the dance floor. After a magical kiss, though, Hannah walks away into the night before he can learn more about her. Calling out to [sic] her, Colt receives no response—what he doesn’t know, however, is that Hannah is deaf and did not hear his cries. Determined to find the captivating woman who fills his every thought, Colt searches for the mysterious beauty—but will the truth about who she is and how she lives be more than he can handle? If not, his actions will have to speak far louder than his words.
– Loveswept

So … I didn’t really like To Give A Heart Wings. It feels too old-fashioned for a contemporary romance. I was a bit confused by it as I got a modern feel from the first chapter, and then an 80s feel from the rest of the book. What I mean by that is the story begins in a night club, supposedly set in the present. But then we get into the heroine’s life and the 80s start screaming at me from the page. There’s no mention of cell phones, and the overall feel is just ‘back in the day.’ Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with that, but you can’t try to sucker readers with one thing when you’re really giving them something else. You could almost say this was originally an older novel that was updated with a modern day twist. It doesn’t work here though.

Hannah has a certain something about her that you don’t learn until a few chapters in. It doesn’t make her your average heroine and I really like that about her character. She is strong willed, determined, and very independent. You’d think she would be more dependent on those around her because of her circumstances, but she’s quite the opposite. I admire that about her and can relate to her desire to prove herself in her profession. This novella is not realistic though. Hannah meets Colt, they have this zing between them and he tries to hunt her down because he can’t stop thinking about her. You’ve heard this all before. The swiftness with which they dive into a relationship gave me whiplash. Again, this is a short read (hello, novella) so I get the need to move things along, but goodness! They know each other two minutes before they start professing their love. I’m so over the insta-love in books because it’s just not feasible. This is a quick read and somewhat enjoyable though it does cause some frustration.

With both of these titles, I’d say try them out if you already love McComas’ writing. Otherwise, I’d say take it or leave it. They’re not great but not horrible either. I won’t be reading them again, nor do I care enough about what happened in the stories to pick them up again for a refresher.

I was provided an ARC by NetGalley and the publisher Open Road Media for an honest review.


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