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Bitten – Season 2 Finale “Scavenger’s Daughter” and “Fine Temporum” Retrospective. Live and Let Die.



It's not over til it's over for Aleister!

It’s not over until Aleister says it’s over!

Season 2, Episodes 9-10

Airdate: Friday, June 5, 2015, 11/10c on Syfy



The end is here…for the second season of Bitten, that is. In what turns out to be an action packed, bittersweet two-part finale, the witches from the Winterbourne coven and members of Jeremy Danvers’ (Greg Bryk) North American pack unite to save their species from extinction—leaving the fate of some major characters up in the air. Although the majority of “Scavenger’s Daughter” and “Fine Temporum” is a race against time, searching for Aleister (Sean Rogerson) and reversing the effects of The Undoing, there are some casualties and tearful goodbyes along the way.

And So It Goes

When Ruth Winterbourne (Tammy Isbell) talks about “the beginning of the end,” the full brunt of what she means is seen in “Scavenger’s Daughter.” Due to the origins surrounding the connection between witches and werewolves, The Undoing signals the demise for the witches, but surprisingly it also impacts werewolves too—in a different way. There are more than bloody noses for Paige (Tommie Amber Pirie) and Ruth. It’s frustrating watching them struggle to use their powers, knowing the werewolves are nearly physically incapable of assisting at some key points in the finale. Still, it’s worth the watch because in the second part, “Fine Temporum,” the Danvers pack and the Winterbournes are a force to be reckoned with as they face off against Aleister. Elena (Laura Vandervoort) is in her element and Vandervoort never ceases to amaze me by how well she performs her action scenes.

Meanwhile, Savannah’s (Kiara Glasco) growth, from the moment she was tricked into Aleister’s clutches to the development of her powers, comes full circle. I was happy when Elena manages to remove the bug that allows Aleister to control Savannah. I really don’t know why Ruth or Paige don’t catch on to that part sooner.

Cuts Both Ways

Apart from the dangers at hand with The Undoing and Aleister’s presence, the theme of sacrifice takes on various forms throughout the season two finale. At one point, two key characters literally sacrifice themselves to protect their loved ones, the residual effects of which I would like to see in season three, if the series is renewed.

For Elena, some dangers you have to face alone

For Elena, some dangers you have to face alone

n other instances, sacrifice is about letting go and moving on, as in the case of Nick (Steven Lund) and Paige. After a few weeks of bonding, Paige calls it quits with Nick even though they both express their love for one another. It’s a moment in “Fine Temporum” where I feel she bases her decision on responsibility to her family rather than fear. Maybe it’s not meant to be for Nick and Paige, but I don’t believe their relationship is entirely over.

After his brief disappearance, Logan (Michael Xavier) returns to aid his pack—though not under the best of circumstances. Even though Logan hasn’t consistently been present in seasons one and two, he’s a breath of fresh air offering support for Elena. He’s the kind of pack member who is willing to break the rules for those he loves, even going so far as to disobey Jeremy, his Alpha. The resolution of his character at the end of “Fine Temporum” didn’t entirely sit well with me, but in the world of science fiction and fantasy, anything is possible.

Speaking of possibilities, after what has been an exhausting experience trying to stay together, Clay (Greyston Holt) and Elena find some peace after one hell of a harrowing journey. Holt shows again another side of Clay that took me by surprise. In a very emotional scene, a truly devastated Clay breaks down, and the pain Holt shows on his face and communicates in his voice is heartbreaking. Clay can’t get a break sometimes, but it’s the moments of struggle like this that allow viewers to really appreciate the moment he reunites with Elena.

Perfectly, Imperfect

Although Bitten had a mere 10 episodes this season versus the usual 21, the producers and writers of Bitten manage to bring resolution to many of the story lines in a compact, albeit not perfect way. Bitten does a very good job of keeping the tone of the core story lines in the true spirit of its literary source material, the Otherworld series by Kelley Armstrong; however, in paving its own way as a television series, there are some missteps.

Saving the world has its price

Saving the world has its price

I wish Jeremy’s story line had been fleshed out more, especially with the troubles he has with Alphas who are part if the international council governing all the packs. There are several instances where Jeremy’s personality could have been developed alongside Ruth, who he has great chemistry with in the limited amount of scenes they share.

Some of the highlights in the season finale include the inevitable showdown between Aleister and Elena. Even though Elena is the main character in Bitten, I was worried about her. I thought it might be a Ned Stark, season one, Game of Thrones situation—luckily, I was wrong. Also, the story line with the witches broadens the supernatural world of Bitten in a way that leaves the door open for other creatures. It would have been nice to see the witches’ different spells and extent of their powers early on in the season.

Final Thoughts

There are different ways to measure the quality of a show. Sometimes, it’s the actors’ performances or perhaps the cinematography. I go by my overall impression and asking myself: Am I satisfied? Do all the components of the show, from production to script, fit together? This doesn’t mean a show has to be immaculate in its storytelling, but it needs to be functional. In regards to “Scavenger’s Daughter” and “Fine Temporum,” I’m more than satisfied by the season finale, and want to see more. I’m eager to see the aftermath caused by The Undoing, even if it is only temporary, and more about the other werewolf packs. Space, the Canadian network that hosts the series, recently announced a third season of Bitten. Whether Syfy will pick it up for American viewers remains to be seen. All I know is I can’t wait for all new episodes.


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