Feb 18 2015

Vikings – Advance Review of Season Three. A Bigger and More Complex Season


Season Premiere: Thursday, February 19, 2015 at 10 pm ET/PT on History®


Vikings’ fans are probably biting their nails in anticipation of the show’s return, and I’m happy to report they are in for a real treat. The Vikings set sail seeking new adventures and with Ragnar (Travis Fimmel) and his inner circle moving up in royal circles, season three will concentrate on embarking on a more complicated journey with more complex conflicts and darker enemies. Greater power and prosperity may certainly open up opportunities but they also invite thornier challenges.

Ragnar (Fimmel) must learn to balance his new responsibilities as King and family time.

Ragnar (Fimmel) must learn to balance his new responsibilities as King and family time.

From the season three trailers and marketing efforts, as well as the screeners provided, it’s noticeable the show’s growing popularity is allowing for an expanded production. It’s obvious the entire scale of the show —story lines, battles, cast of characters, etc.—has been amplified. But bigger doesn’t always mean better. In this case, though, it actually does as the story lines kept me intrigued. I think it all works well because show creator/writer Michael Hirst stays close to what lies at the heart of the success of Vikings. Even with a growing list of characters, Hirst balances character development and advancing story lines while keeping everything grounded in the central theme of the show — family relationships. In addition, Hirst remains loyal to his thoughtful scripting with focused story lines, during which every scene is crafted for maximum effect. Efficient editing provides scenes that show us exactly what we need to learn and absorb without distracting fillers. Hirst has much to tell about his characters and it’s all intimately connected.What I’m most excited for:

  • The Vikings’ return to Wessex brings out a series of challenges far larger and complicated than many of the key players are expecting, including Ragnar, King Ecberth (Linus Roache), and Athelstan (George Blagden).
  • Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) is eager, and certainly takes the time, to explore her romantic possibilities now that she’s single.
  • Ragnar must figure out how to balance his new responsibilities and demands as a King while finding the time to meet the needs of his family members and inner circle.
  • The raid of Paris!

What to else expect:

Ben Robson plays Kalf, Lagertha’s handsome second-in-command

Ben Robson plays Kalf, Lagertha’s handsome second-in-command

  • Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig) has morphed into a full grown Viking and as such, he faces a myriad of grown-up problems
  • There is quite a bit of tension in the Lothbrok household that must be resolved between Ragnar and Aslaug (Alyssa Sutherland)
  • Athelstan continues to find himself wedged in between two cultures and religions
  • The Seer (John Kavanagh) reveals what lies ahead in the cryptic manner he typically uses to share information but this time around, there’s a fair share of consultations. The residents of Kattegat are certainly anxious about the future.
  • Certain members of Ragnar’s inner circle question his decisions

New characters to watch out for:

  • Kalf (Ben Robson) – Lagertha’s young, handsome second-in-command. She is fond of him and trusts him to look after her affairs while she is away.
  • Harbard (Kevin Durand) – A wanderer who turns up unexpectedly in Kattagat when Ragnar and most of the men of the town are away raiding.
  • Emperor Charles of France (Lothaire Bluteau) – A complex, troubled and powerful man who views battling the Vikings as spiritual and earthly.
  • Princess Gisla (Morgane Polanski) – The daughter of Emperor Charles and a beautiful, young woman of considerable courage and resolution.


In case you missed them, please check out our 2014 Comic Con interviews with the cast, Katheryn Winnick and Alexander Ludwig, and Clive Standen and Travis Fimmel, as well as series creator Hirst, to learn other noteworthy hints regarding what to expect during season three.

Catch up on all previous episodes from Vikings seasons one and two, now streaming on Hulu and Amazon. Vikings is scheduled to return Thursday, February 19 at 10 pm ET/PT on HISTORY®.

To keep up with the show, please visit the Vikings website. Follow the show on Twitter, @HistoryVikings using the hashtag #Vikings, as well as some of the cast members – @gblagden, @KatherynWinnick, and @CliveStanden

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