Apr 10 2015

Video: Interviews – The CW’s The Messengers Wonder Con 2015


The Messengers key art (featured)Interviews: The CW’s The Messengers Wonder Con 2015

Interviews with cast members Shantel VanSanten (Vera Buckley), Jon Fletcher (Joshua Silburn, Jr.), JD Pardo (Raul Garcia), Joel Courtney (Peter Moore), Diogo Morgado (The Man), Anna Diop (Rose Arvale), Craig Frank (Alan), Executive Producer Trey Callaway (Revolution), and Co-Executive Producer and Creator Eoghan O’Donnell (Teen Wolf).

Date: Saturday, April 4, 2015


After watching the screener of the series premiere of The Messengers, I was elated to get into the press room to talk with some of the cast of The CW’s new show. The first episode, “Awakening,” introduces us to many of the characters who were “chosen” to be messengers. “Awakening” doesn’t actually confirm or deny these are messengers of God, but when you see the characters’ reflections, they are all angelically winged. What I like about The Messengers’ premiere is that it doesn’t shove religion down your throat and it presents the fall of Lucifer in a different way. Many of us know the story of Lucifer, aka the Devil, as a manipulative angel who fell from grace. We typically think of hell as a scorching hot place beneath the earth, but when The Man, played with devilish charm by Diogo Morgado, falls from the sky instead of rising from the depths, it piqued my interests. His mission on earth isn’t quite revealed in the premiere but he presents a couple of challenges that will undoubtedly plague our messengers throughout the season. From scientist Vera, evangelical preacher Joshua, and Peter, the troubled young high school swimmer, The Messengers shows a variety of perspectives regarding faith or the lack thereof. On a side note, I’m thrilled to see JD Pardo back on network television. I was disheartened by the death of his character Jason Neville on NBC’s now cancelled Revolution. Pardo’s answer to a question regarding the reasoning behind his choice to take this role on The Messengers is refreshingly honest and slightly sad.

L-R: Diogo Morgado, Eoghan O'Donnell and Trey Callaway, Joel Courtney and Jon Fletcher, JD Pardo and Anna Diop, and Craig Frank and Shantel VanSanten

L-R: Diogo Morgado, Eoghan O’Donnell and Trey Callaway, Joel Courtney and Jon Fletcher, JD Pardo and Anna Diop, and Craig Frank and Shantel VanSanten

I’m impressed with Morgado. His deliciously sexy accent just drew me in but I loved his enthusiasm and fervor when talking about playing this duplicitous character known only as The Man. As I mentioned in my interview, Morgado’s The Man reminds me a bit of Al Pacino’s John Milton in Devil’s Advocate. Hey, that comment earned me a high-five from the charmingly handsome Morgado. I’m a happy camper. While seemingly perfidious, it is possible The Man does have faith in something and his end game isn’t as diabolical as it first appears. Then again, he is the devil, right? To conclude, I must say the chemistry between VanSanten and Frank’s characters Vera and Alan is adorable and genuine. Watching them interview together is so much fun! I am not familiar with Frank’s work on ABC’s (cancelled) Mixology but now I want to go and find episodes to watch. And I have to say how gorgeous Anna Diop is in person. She is simply stunning and I mentioned it to her after the interview (off camera) because when you see beauty like that, you’d be remiss to not give that person a compliment.

Without further ado – the video interviews.



Photos from The Messengers press room


Tune in to the series premiere of The Messengers, Friday, April 17, 2015 at 9/8c, only on The CW.

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