Aug 28 2014

Video Interviews – Cast of Falling Skies Talk About Season 4 and Season 5


Falling Skies Season 4 Press Room Interviews at San Diego Comic Con 2014


On Friday, July 25, 2014, I settled into the press room waiting for the cast of Falling Skies to begin our round table interviews. There is nothing like being in a press room with the cast from one of your favorite shows. Being able to talk to the cast of Falling Skies has always been great, and it’s going to be bittersweet next year during their fifth and final season. But until then, let’s focus on the present. Throughout the press room round tables, I was able to speak with many of the main cast including Doug Jones (Cochise), Maxim Knight (Matt Mason), Drew Roy (Hal Mason), Sarah Carter (Maggie), Moon Bloodgood (Anne Glass), and Scarlett Byrne (Lexi). I also spoke with writer David Eick who gave us major insight into what’s coming in the final season.

What the heck is the Espheni planning for Earth and possibly the universe? I asked Doug Jones, who plays Cochise (a Volm alien trying to help the humans), to enlighten us but he only hinted about the Volm and Espheni back story being wrapped up in the final season.

As I was talking to young Maxim Knight who plays Matt Mason, the youngest of the Mason boys, I mentioned to him how much I appreciate the writers keeping him a kid and not trying to make him grow up too fast in this apocalyptic situation. So many shows age their younger cast to a point where it’s almost unbelievable. Matt’s character is still a kid at heart, but at times, knows he has to pick up a gun and possibly use it.



Will Patton, who plays Col. Dan Weaver, is such a great actor. I complimented him on his tear-jerking performance in the fourth episode “Evolve or Die.” Noah Wyle, who plays Tom Mason, was sitting next to Will at the table and thanked me for recognizing Will’s performance. These two men are fascinating and humble. I’ve been a fan of Noah’s since his days on ER but my increased adoration sprouted when he launched The Librarian film trilogy on TNT. And soon The Librarian television series will be airing on TNT as well.



When I spoke to Drew and Sarah, their reunion episode, “Door Number Three,” hadn’t yet aired and during this interview, they mostly talk about what would come to pass with their characters and the current love triangle with Hal, his brother Ben (Connor Jessup), and Maggie. Sarah talks about how much she enjoyed watching this season. What really caught her attention was Drew’s character Hal. He’s basically on his own for the most part, and steps up his role as a leader in his father’s absence during their time in the prison camp. You really get a sense of the mutual respect and admiration for one another that Drew and Sarah have. I was really sad we didn’t get the trio – Drew, Sarah, and Connor – all at the same time. That would have been interesting considering how the show’s progressed their love triangle story arcs.



I have to say, the interviews with Moon Bloodgood and Scarlett Byrne was so much fun; it was very animated right from the start. Moon made me laugh so hard. Scarlett mentioned something about her character going through a “change” and Moon said, “And it’s not her period.” It was hilarious…at least for me, being a woman. As an aside, I was the only female journalist at my particular table. One other guy got it but I don’t think it was as humorous to him as it was for Moon, Scarlett and I. Of course we know now that Lexi has changed sides again and is back with her family. I’m very anxious to see how Lexi is going to handle her new position against the Espheni.



David Eick is a funny guy. David, showrunner and writer, answered my question regarding what we can expect in fifth and final season next year. He said he was surprised by how well received his idea of a 10 episode musical took hold. He went on to elaborate, and then of course chuckled because it was a joke. Could you imagine Falling Skies, the Musical? Alien ships doing some sort of synchronized flying during battle scenes while the humans march to the beat of war drums. David kept diffusing the questions with a little humor, and mentioned he didn’t think they would let him shoot in black and white. Another joke, but I have to mention the guy at the table who kept nodding off during the interviews, and was unfazed by any jokes or our laughter. You’ll see David on the video constantly saying “steel, steel, steel,” referring to the impervious look on this guy’s face. I’m still in shock this guy nodded off. (No, sorry; I don’t have him on camera – I was focusing on the talent.) Sadly, my video ends in the middle of David’s answer to a question from another journalist and I apologize for that.


With the two hour season finale airing Sunday, August 31, 2014, I’m not sure what to expect but I’ll be glued to my seat, anxious to find out!


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