Jul 23 2015

Vampire Diaries: Fall Season Preview by the Cast


We had the opportunity to meet with the cast and writers from The Vampire Diaries. We quickly learn fans should expect a more adult and darker tone of the show.

We first had the chance to talk to Ian Somerhalder (Damon Salvatore) who joins the press roundtable with some significant news. This could possibly be the last season of the show!

But Somerhalder fans: do not worry. Whatever might be the future of the show; there will be plenty of Ian for a while! “I want to make movies until I’m old,” he says. “Nikki (Reed) and I just funded a really bad ass production company called Rare Birds Productions….So making films, television and documentaries…I just want to keep doing it.

Ian Somerhalder shared this could possibly be the last season of the show!

Ian Somerhalder shared this could possibly be the last season of the show!

Michael Malarkey is up next. He plays Enzo and he dishes that for the upcoming season, the difficulty for his character is going to be choosing a side.

Enzo basically has to decide where his loyalties lie, that’s the big crux of the season for him,” Malarkey reveals. “There’s benefits to siding with Lily (Annie Wersching) and benefits with siding with Damon (Somerhalder). I think he feels more of an affinity towards Lily.”

As Malarkey talks, the fundamental question becomes: What is happening between Enzo and Caroline (Candice Accola)?

With Caroline, there is this crazy stuff coming up but I can’t talk about it,” Malarkey says.

We must insist in getting more details such as: Does this mean the love triangle between Enzo, Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Caroline might be back?

Not so much, it’s a little different. It’s a little weird,” Malarkey explains. “Everyone is talking about the love thing between him and Caroline. He doesn’t love her. I think what he enjoys is their banter, their kind of witty banter they have together. He thinks she’ hot but who doesn’t?”

Malarkey laughs and then elaborates some more, “That dynamic is explored a bit but it goes to a different level, it goes to a different place and it’s quite interesting where it goes.”

Next, he shares a season seven teaser: “We’re going to see Enzo with somebody who we may or might not know in the show. It will be interesting to see how that is explored.”

Accola joins us now. We immediately focus on how Caroline is faring during season seven.

We only have three scripts out right now but I can tell you as we get into the season, Caroline is still really focused on putting back the pieces of her life together and recovering from the death of  her mother,” she says. “She’s trying to understand what her grief is and how she’s going to grieve.  As far as Stefan goes, she’s determined him to keep at bay and just have him be a friend but she’s also finding that is much more difficult than she anticipated.”

Accola elaborates some more on the situation: “It’s been such a slow burn and I love that it goes back to that first pilot episode. For her to be chosen by him specifically all these seasons later, it’s really wonderful. I think it’s really sweet for that character.”

I couldn’t agree more!  Before wrapping our conversation, she dishes a bit more. “As we get into season seven, we’re going to also watch her kind of look back over the years at what their friendship and relationship has been, and realize he’s been in love with other people while maybe she did notice him before he noticed her.

I had to ask:  Is she really thinking about Stefan’s proposal from the finale?

She’s been thinking about it, she’s definitely been thinking about it!” Accola states.

Kat Graham said there is so much room for Bonnie to grow sexually

Kat Graham said there is so much room for Bonnie to grow sexually

Last but not least, we talk to Kat Graham, who plays fan favorite Bonnie who confirms there will be definitely some witch action and so much happens in the first episode.

She had just her first scene recently.

Fans really fell in love with the relationship between Bonnie and Damon this past season. The million dollar question is if Bonnie’s relationship with Damon will remain just friends or could there be more?

I think the writers are prepared either way. I think they’re prepared to take us in a romantic direction if they were so inclined to do so, and I also think they’re also prepared to keep us in the  friend box. I just really want to see the character explored,” Graham says. “There is so much room for her to grow sexually, especially since a witch is such a sexual character—or can be—especially with spells and all that kind of stuff that I’m hoping they explore that side of the character more.”

Is Graham excited for some girl bonding with Caroline (Accola)?

I’m always excited about any girl power moments. I really hope they explore that this season because something that someone told me is that they love the girl bonding that happens on the show,” Graham shares. “I’m hoping that I have more scenes with Annie (Wersching), who plays Damon’s mother. I think she’s phenomenal and she has so much to contribute to the show.”

Graham discussed her album which is coming out in September. “The second single is coming out on the 21st and Baby Face is singing with me,” she said. “It’s a whole 90s style album. I’m a 90s girl.


The Vampire Diaries returns to The CW on October 8 at 8pm EST.

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