Jul 23 2015

Vampire Diaries: A new realm? Don’t expect a happy Mystic Falls.


Vampire Diaries: A new realm?  Don’t expect a happy Mystic Falls.  

As I step into the San Diego Comic Con The Vampire Diaries press room, my mind is full of questions. After a dramatic finale last season, what really awaits us in the upcoming seventh season? Fans of The Vampire Diaries should not expect Mystic Falls to be a happy place.

Writer Caroline Dries initially lays out the season seven setting for us. “The show has been so successful going back into these flashbacks, 1800s, the year 1000. It’s been so fun to write for; it’s been so fun to see characters and their backstories. And then we’re thinking, it’s season seven; we got to come out a little splashier, so what about if we play with time with a glimpse into the future,” she states. “You really keep the audience guessing; you build a new mystery on top of the present day story. So our hope, as you’re watching these mysterious pops and splashes, you’re watching the present day story and you’re piecing the puzzle together slowly but surely.”

Caroline Dries

Caroline Dries says the Heretics are super scary.

Okay, now we know that season seven doesn’t all happen entirely in the future but I’m still curious about how much darker will the show get.

It’s going to get dark. Well, you saw how crappy Mystic Falls looks at the end of the season. The way how that happens will surprise you but that’s going to be in the world we live in for a while. But aesthetically and visually, it’s not going to be a happy place to be,” Dries explains. “Just the tone of the show will automatically feel darker. These Heretics are bad ass and they’re scary…they’re super scary. They can do magic, they’re vampires.

We had some other questions that required pressing answers:

Is this The Vampire Diaries last season?

According to Ian Somerhalder, he’s saying it could be but Dries remains hopeful: “We don’t want it to be the last season. There are so many stars that need to alight for it to be the last season or to continue to go. We’re kind of assuming it’s not the last season in the writer’s room and just waiting for the logistics to fall into play. We have a game plan either way.”

The game-plan mention is interesting, and Dries explains further. “Sometimes it helps, like us knowing, for example, that Nina was leaving so early this season last year,” she says. “When you have parameters as a writer…for somebody to say, this has to happen at some point, she’s leaving, it really gives you something to write up. When the sky is the limit, it’s nice to have somebody saying no or yes.”

Nina Dobrev’s Departure.

This is clearly a topic on everyone’s mind and we discussed next, if it was challenging to write the show without Nina (Elena Gilbert).

I’m a big advocate of let’s create new love stories, let’s just build love stories because family is always interesting but it doesn’t have that sexiness to it. So writing without her, it’s weird because it actually hasn’t been a challenge as much as I thought it would be because my mind got used to the idea over the last season. And also, with so many new characters, we can build the Enzo stories out more, we can spotlight Bonnie more, the characters that we know… there’s just more room for them,” Dries states. “So, it’s also, with Elena, she gets so intertwined with the mythology and so, sometimes when you take that away, the mythology doesn’t get as complicated. Of course, I miss being around her but it wasn’t quite the void I thought it was going to be.

Kat Graham

Dries says we should expect some Girl bonding time between Bonnie (Kat Graham) and Caroline (Candice Accola).

What is happening with Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Caroline (Candice Accola)?

Dries gets giddy, it’s clear she loves what is happening with these characters. “So now we catch up to them and it’s that fun, like what do we have? They play into the awkwardness of it,” Dries explains. “So ultimately, we’re going to be rooting for them. They’re going to be the real spine love story this season. Obviously, tons of obstacles will get in the way but we’ll really be rooting for them.”

Can we expect a cross-over with The Originals?

I want a cross-over, I already have all these ideas but it’s not that easy,” Dries shares. “It’s hard to make it work but maybe. I’m totally open to it.”

Bonnie (Kat Graham) and Caroline.

Expect some girl bonding time and look out for scenes in which they crawl into bed as besties. “It’s one of those things that reminds you of the Season 1 dynamics,” Dries points out.

Matt Donovan (Zach Roerig) – Will he ever get a happy normal, life?  

Dries shares good news for Matt’s fans: “We’re going to build a stronger love story for him. He deserves it; he’s been through so much!

The Vampire Diaries returns to The CW on October 8 at 8pm EST.

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