Jul 21 2015

Under the Dome’s Season 3: Two Factions and Two Love Triangles in Chester’s Mill?


There is a lot happening in Chester’s Mill during the third season of Under the Dome! I was delighted to catch up with some of the show’s cast during the CBS press event at this year’s San Diego Comic Con. Mike Vogel, who plays Dale Barbie Barbara, Marg Helgenberger, who plays Christine Price, and Colin Ford as Joe McAlister were eager to talk about what is going on with their characters during the new season.

Ford, Helgenberger and Vogel arrive at the CBS Press Room during Comic Con

Ford, Helgenberger and Vogel arrive at the CBS Press Room during Comic Con

Vogel got us started. with, “Barbie finds himself wrapped up in being pulled between…”

Helgenberger jumps in — “Two lovers!

Vogel runs with the playful banter, “Two lovers, two factions, two loves!” adding, “Marg’s character comes…sort of comes in to harness Barbie’s abilities with the kingship. It takes time to get Barbie over to that place. That’s not to say that he’ll stay there, but he spends most of the season in that back and forth; but I think by the time we get to the end here, we’ll see that old Barbie back and battling for the right thing.”

What a relief to hear him say that! Helgenberger then gave us more insight about her character, Christine, who is new to Chester’s Mill. It’s very obvious she has an agenda.

Christine has a tendency to create a bit of divisiveness in Chester’s Mill. She didn’t set out to do to that; she set out to really try to get everyone on board because she’s committed to this belief she has about the way this community will become better, is to have this kingship, in her words, kingship or this collective. By doing that, people have to relinquish some of their individual desires and keep their emotions in check and that doesn’t necessary gel with everyone. They sense that something is afoot and they should question who is this person is. Where did you come from? Who made you boss? I did!” she says, laughing.

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Helgenberger talks about her polarizing character, Christine Price, who will try to be influential to Joe (Ford) and Barbie (Vogel).

Then, we learned Helgenberger only has a few episodes scheduled for the new season. That’s interesting, for sure. “It’s been a great deal of fun to actualize and I’ve enjoyed the journey,” she says. “We’ll see what happens.”

We spoke with Ford next, whose character has arguably spent the best years of his life trapped under a dome.

Funny enough, the years of being 16 to 18 are really monumental. But I think for Joe, without the dome, I don’t know he would have met Norrie (Mackenzie Lintz) and he wouldn’t have discovered his first love. It’s a lot of weird stuff going on and its stuff that nobody has ever dealt with before, he has to deal with. But there’s also completely normal things he’s having to deal with. In the third season—having to deal with a love triangle between him, Norrie, and Hunter (Max Ehrich) and having to deal with another guy stepping up on his woman. And through the first two seasons and then, this third season, I think that Joe would have reacted differently to that and would see how it plays out this season. I think he’s going to fight for what he wants.”

Last, but not least, I asked the cast to share any teasers from season three.

Helgenberger volunteered a key detail. “Joe is going to become very influential in terms of bringing the dome down. Christine is a firm believer in his abilities, in his abilities as an engineer, and as an inventor.”

It sure sounds like it’s going to be an eventful time in Chester’s Mill! Tune in to Under the Dome Thursdays at 10pm ET/PT, only on CBS.

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