Aug 15 2013

TV: Science Channel’s ODDITIES: San Francisco — Mannikins, Bellydancers, and Mummies…Oh My!


This is such an intriguing and unusual show filled with quirky characters and unique objects. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you should! Check out more at


In a press release:


 — Two all new episodes of the spin off series ODDITIES: SAN FRANCISCO airing Saturday at 9PM ET/PT —

Oddities San Francisco puppet Key art

The eccentric antique shop, Loved to Death opens its doors to Science Channel for a second season of ODDITIES: SAN FRANCISCO. The store’s colorful owner Audra, and her employee Wednesday, are joined by newcomer Lincoln to take on the eclectic customers and bizarre antiques that enter the Haight Street haven. From germaphobes to ancient artifacts, the ten brand new episodes of ODDITIES: SAN FRANCISCO showcase the weird and wacky world of antiques.


Collection of oddities along Loved to Death's wall.

Collection of oddities along Loved to Death’s wall.


This week, the cast of ODDITIES: SAN FRANCISCO is on a quest for some rare and unique objects. In Mind Games, Audra and Lincoln search for a medical piece to add to a doctor’s collection, Wednesday literally shocks a customer and an impromptu performance leaves one of the staff members wanting more! Later in Soul Fire, the ladies look for a piece that is fit for a king while Audra meets a belly dancer’s bizarre mummified dance partner.  After, Lincoln is introduced to an eclectic collector of everything and anything. Tune in for more this Saturday at 9PM ET/PT on Science Channel!


L-R: Wednesday Mourning, Audra Kunckle

L-R: Wednesday Mourning, Audra Kunckle

Mind Games: Audra and Lincoln are on a quest to find a small but rare medical item for a doctor who has an extensive collection. Their search takes them to a man who loves test tubes and a designer who has an array of manikins. Back at Loved to Death, Lincoln meets “Danger” a tattoo artist who has picked up a new hobby. Wednesday shows off a quack electrical device that leaves her customer shocked. Later, a sword-swallowing clown stops in looking for a body fluid extraction device to use in his act.  When he gives Wednesday and impromptu performance, the sparks really fly!


Soul Fire: At Loved to Death, Audra and Wednesday are asked for a torture related commemorative that’s fit for a king, Zamora the Torture King to be exact.  They are promised a performance that will set their soul on fire if they find the perfect item. Later Audra meets a former belly dancers bizarre mummified dance partner.  But in order to determine whether it’s a relic of the past, she must have it examined by an expert. Lincoln shows an eccentric collector of everything, including voices, one of the most dangerous toys ever produced while Wednesday checks out an antique dental drill.



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