Sep 07 2016

TV News: Discovery’s ALASKA: THE LAST FRONTIER Returns for Sixth Season October 2nd With Special Guest Jewel


I’m a fan of Discovery’s ALASKA: The Last Frontier series. I was home one weekend and they had a marathon of the show prior to season five and I got hooked. The Kilcher family is fun. Watching them is like going on a mini-adventure every time they’re on television. They are like many families with similar struggles, but the difference is they live out in the wilderness of Alaska without the modern conveniences that most of us are accustomed to…you know, like running water and indoor plumbing. I’m still not a fan of the outhouse, but an episode where they had to dig a new hole for their bathroom needs made me appreciate my toilet so much more!

I didn’t know that singer Jewel was related to the Kilcher clan until last season when I did some Googling. And she will return to her familial homestead in the sixth season. Read more below.


In a press release:




 The sixth season premieres Sunday, October 2 at 9PM ET/PT

(Los Angeles) – Grammy award-winning singer, Jewel Kilcher, better known as “Jewel” grew up in Homer, Alaska, born into the rich heritage of homesteading. The Kilcher family has cultivated and inhabited their Alaskan homestead for generations, learning how to live off the land, hunt for food and survive the harsh Alaskan wilderness.  After nearly seven years away, Jewel returns to rejoin her family on the homestead and give her young son a taste of how she grew up. The new season of Discovery’s ALASKA: THE LAST FRONTIER, premieres Sunday, October 2 at 9PM ET/PT.

Singer Jewel (aka Jewel Kilcher) returns to her family home. (L-R) Jewel with her father Atz Kilcher.

Singer Jewel (aka Jewel Kilcher) returns to her family home. (L-R) Jewel with her father Atz Kilcher.

Prior to Jewel’s return, Mother Nature challenges the Kilcher family when a 7.1 magnitude earthquake hits, shaking the homestead to its core. In the wake of the natural disaster, the Kilchers scramble to recover, facing widespread damage in the form of dangerous landslides, muddy road collapses and the bonus of deadly gale force winds. With their way of life at risk, the Kilchers must learn to adapt to this new reality.

The earthquake causes the first shakeup of the season but certainly not the last. Otto and Charlotte face their own mortality as Otto goes under the knife to fix his life-threatening hernia and Charlotte bids a final farewell to her mother. Eivin and Eve continue to focus on their own home but Eivin finds himself pulled to help his aging father more and more facing the realization that it’s becoming time to step up. Meanwhile, Atz Lee and Jane remain at odds about his desire to move deeper into the Alaskan wild causing a rift in their relationship. Pushed to their limits by both nature and each other, the Kilchers must all come together as a family to sustain the free and simple life of homesteading they’ve chosen to proudly carry on.

ALASKA: THE LAST FRONTIER is produced for Discovery Channel by Discovery Studios. Executive Producers are Daniel Soiseth,Vince Ueber and Brigham Cottam and Co-Executive Producer is Dustin Rubin. For Discovery Channel, Executive Producer is Matt Vafiadis and Coordinating Producer is Brian Peterson. To learn more, go to, on Facebook at and on Twitter @Discovery.


Source: ©2016 Discovery Channel. All Rights Reserved.






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