Oct 12 2012

TV Clip: Oxygen’s New Docu-drama “My Shopping Addiction” Sneak Peek


Oxygen introduces yet another docu-drama procuring it’s reign in the Reality TV world. My Shopping Addiction airs Monday, October 15 at 11PM only on Oxygen.

The premiere episode follows Heather, whose shopping addiction began 10 years ago after she inherited a large sum of money from her grandmother. Heather has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars shopping and if she’s not careful, she could run out of money in five years.

The episode also captures Roshanda, who borrows money from friends and family in order to pack her home full of products from the 99 cent store. With the help of psychologists, Dr. Romani and Dr. David Tolin, these women will be forced to face their issues and get to the bottom of their addiction once and for all.

For more information on My Shopping Addiction, visit: http://my-shopping-addiction.oxygen.com/.

Video courtesy of Oxygen  © 1998-2012 Oxygen Media. All Rights Reserved.


© 2012, Elle. All rights reserved.

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