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The Walking Dead – “Try” Review. Has Rick Finally Lost It?


the_walking_dead_logoSeason 5, Episode 15

Air Date: Sunday, March 22, 2015 at 9/8c on AMC


“It’s their world; we’re just living in it.” – Enid

I love how Deanna doesn't back down from Rick. He's wrong in this instance.

I love how Deanna doesn’t back down from Rick. He’s wrong in this instance.

The Walking Dead doesn’t usually bring it during the penultimate episodes. The writers wait until the finale to really hit you where it hurts. But this time around, the writers aren’t holding back. “Try” is heavy on the tension, and full of drama. Has the zombie apocalypse created such a division between people where there’s an ‘Us vs. Them’ mentality? Being thrust into civilization after living in the wild for so long has turned the group into its own version of zombies. While they may not walk around murmuring “brains,” the group isn’t far from that one track mind life. They no longer have to worry about killing walkers but their paranoia still runs rampant. Sides are being chosen, lines are drawn in the sand, and power trips lead to trouble.


What is most important in this community of Alexandria? Living no matter the cost to others or surviving the only way they can seems to be the only two options. If Rick (Andrew Lincoln) has his way, he’d make everyone in Alexandria bend to his will, or smoke their asses. In fact, he is so set in his ways, he doesn’t need Carol (Melissa McBride) whispering in his ear about what he should do or how things need to be. Since when does Rick listen to anyone else about how to run things? His change in demeanor is a strange turn of events. He and everyone he loves are now safe; they no longer have to fight tooth and nail to survive. So why can’t he and the others fit into life in Alexandria? Why do they yearn to be back on the outside, slaying zombies, and forming the new world order?

Things to make you go hmm…

The juxtaposition of Nicholas (Michael Traynor) and Glenn’s (Steven Yeun) account of the events of their failed run is intriguing. As an aside, I had an issue with Deanna (Tovah Feldshuh) videotaping conversations but now I see it’s not such a bad idea. The emotion coming from Glenn is pure sorrow while Nicholas is plain pissed off. Not only that, Nicholas blames others instead of taking responsibility for his actions. Glenn recounts it all as if he can see it happening right in front of him again. Nicholas has to try to remember what happened and throws in his lies to make the story fit his needs. I’m curious to see how Deanna’s investigation of this disaster goes. Nicholas might find himself “exiled.”

Cutest scene ever. For this show, of course.

Cutest scene ever. For this show, of course.

I find it interesting as hell how Deanna and her family mourn their loved one, yet they don’t take a second to consider how the group feels since Noah (Tyler James Williams) lost his life too. I see how it is in Alexandria. Everyone sticks to their own. The only thing I’ll miss about Aiden (Daniel Bonjour) are his mixes. I like his taste in music. Killing off Noah was a poor choice by the writers. I’m not seeing the endgame here.

What is going on with Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green)? Is she having a breakdown because she couldn’t save those who died? It appears as though Sasha is using her pain as a way to want to keep moving. She is so close to giving up because, what else is there to live for? She isn’t like her brother Tyreese (Chad L. Coleman), which she has more than proven with her zombie killing spree. “I’m sick of playing defense.” The girl does have a mean shot, doesn’t she?

And hello, some psycho is out there killing people and leaving them to turn. How that comes into play remains to be seen. I don’t know why anyone would purposely create zombies. My guess is the “W” turning up on walkers heads has something to do with Woodbury. Are we certain everyone was killed?

How about the fight between (P)Rick and Pete (Corey Brill)? The camera zooms in on the face of each new person who joins the fight. It’s an interesting look at who hopes to do something as opposed to those who sit back, watching to see what happens. The theme I’m getting from the Alexandrians is they don’t take unnecessary risks. They don’t stick their necks out for anyone unless it’s absolutely clear they won’t get hurt. The group wants to break out of their newly appointed box of civility. Rick is all murder-death-kill because he knows what’s out there in the “real world.” But what he isn’t looking at is how wrong he is for trying to make people see things the way he does. The Alexandrians only know safety and have lived in it for the past three years. Why would they risk that over some outsiders who can be pushed out at any time? Oh, Rick is showing them what not to do—not to let survivors who’ve been on the outside for too long into their midst. Shit’s getting real now.

Can I just say Rick is being an ass over Jessie (Alexandra Breckenridge), a woman he barely knows. Not smart. Let’s think with the head on our shoulders and not the one between our legs. I have no idea why Rick would be interested in Jessie. None. Are we tossing aside the Rick and Michonne (Danai Gurira) thing that was going on?

Memorable lines

Nicholas: “They did this; it was them.”


Deanna to Nicholas: “You don’t know what I see, Nicholas. And I see a great deal.”

I bet she has cameras in places you wouldn’t even think to look.


Glenn to Rick: “We are them, Rick. We are now.”


Rosita (Christian Serratos) to Michonne: “You seem screwed up because you found something.”

What a profound statement. Everyone is so screwed up because life is so calm now. The problem with this is people are still dying.


Rick: “I kill him. We kill him.”

Deanna: “We don’t kill people. This is civilization, Rick.”


Jessie to Rick: “I can take care of myself. We have to take care of ourselves.”

Does this speak to the rules of Alexandria or her overall view of life?



Daryl needs to get back to Alexandria. Rick needs his right hand man, and a grounded thinker.

Daryl needs to get back to Alexandria. Rick needs his right hand man, and a grounded thinker.

Martin-Green and Lincoln are superb in “Try.” Both of their characters have hit a snag in their survival. While they seem to be safe, the two can’t grasp the notion that they are safe. Rick has lost his damn mind and I’m convinced Sasha is hearing voices. Alexandria may be secure for now but it is nothing but a gilded cage. You can’t contain people who are used to being free. Everyone in the group wants the protection Alexandria offers but didn’t take into consideration the consequences of that safety. Ain’t nothing worth having free in this world, and they are fast learning that lesson. Let me know what you think about “Try” by dropping me a line in the comments section below or tweet me @ellemoe.

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