Feb 23 2015

The Walking Dead – “The Distance” Review. Spidey Senses on Full Alert.


the_walking_dead_logoSeason 5, Episode 11

Air Date: Sunday, February 22, 2015 at 9/8c on AMC


“It’s hard to trust anyone who smiles after being punched in the face.” – Rick Grimes

Are you willing to give Aaron a chance?

Are you willing to give Aaron a chance?

The Walking Dead takes another turn into what-the-helldom with “The Distance.” I’m all for new people.  Heck, I’m all for getting the survivors to a place where they can finally be safe. I’m just not too keen on this mysterious new guy who says all the right things and, of course, the ominous phrase, “you can trust me.” Paranoia runs rampant during this zombie apocalypse; how can it not? Knowing what we know, seeing what we’ve seen, it is difficult to give someone your trust. “The Distance” is riddled with tension; so much so, my heart probably won’t be able to take another episode like this one. I don’t like seeing the survivors in trouble, and I’ll be doggone if trouble doesn’t crawl out of the damn woodworks like roaches when the lights come on.


The survivors show their cards upon first meeting Aaron (Ross Marquand), which is not smart. I watched Aaron as he enters the barn, eyes tuned to what’s going on, counting bodies and weapons. His little speech doesn’t inspire any trust in him either. He says all the right things, presents the calm demeanor of someone who’s trying to impress. My issue with him is his knowing Rick’s (Andrew Lincoln) name without first having an introduction. Either someone has told Aaron and his “community” about the survivors or he’s been keeping an even closer eye on them than they know. I’m not sure how anyone is able to do that with the way the group usually scouts ahead, let alone having a tracker with them. I know Daryl (Norman Reedus) can’t catch everything but he isn’t a slouch either.

I love this duo. They are add quite the dynamic to the group.

I love this duo. They are add quite the dynamic to the group.

With that said, I understand Rick’s reluctance to jump on the Aaron bandwagon. I’m not used to this Rick. Terminus and Woodbury have left deep scars on him. I’d like to say Rick is going out of his mind but I like this version Rick. He’s not taking any chances and won’t hesitate to “put a knife in the base of your skull” if he finds out you’re lying to him. He may seem to be going about things the hard way but can you blame him? Because when all hell breaks loose (which you know it will) who will the people turn to for which way to go? I feel the tides are turning again. The Ricktatorship is beginning to crumble. Rick’s word is no longer law. The others in the group have input too and aren’t afraid to give it. For instance, Michonne (Danai Gurira) steps up to Rick and puts her foot down because dammit, she wants to be safe; she wants to stop running. Aaron is promising her that thing she yearns for and although she trusts Rick implicitly, could he be wrong this time? I’m curious to see how this goes for the group because a family divided can’t stand. The dangerous thing about Aaron is he’s giving people hope. That’s a risky fixation to have during the zombie apocalypse. I don’t see how it can hold up. Life cannot go easy-peasy for the survivors after all the hardships they have endured. Or can it?

Memorable and funny lines:

Aaron: “My job is to convince you all to follow me back home.”

His statement bothers me more than I can say.


Rick to Aaron: “Just because we’re good people doesn’t mean we won’t kill you.”


Daryl: “This barn smells like horse shit.”


Abraham: “We can make it. We can make it.”

Now, tell me why Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) thinks his sheer force of will can power a motorized vehicle where they need to go?


Carol to Rick: “Even though you were wrong, you’re still right.”

I’m going to call it now and say Carol (Melissa McBride) is wrong. We still know nothing about Aaron and his people. How about we give it a week?


Would you have fed Judith that applesauce without making Aaron eat it first?

Would you have fed Judith that applesauce without making Aaron eat it first?

Things to make you go hmm…

How is Abraham so tan? I’m serious. Anyone? Any ideas?

The group kept the mysterious rations of water? And let me just add, I think it is pretty damn convenient Aaron has such a large supply of water with him.

The CGI effects are getting really obvious. Before, I couldn’t tell what was computerized but now, every damn walker that falls has a fake exploding head wound. Not to mention the mannequin Glenn (Steven Yeun) fights. Yeah, I’m disappointed.


I’m on the fence about things as they sit. The group was hesitant with Gabriel (Seth Gilliam), yet let Noah (Tyler James Williams) right into their fold, after a brief misunderstanding. So yeah, I understand everyone in the world isn’t evil and out to get you but Aaron’s showing up out of the blue is way too coincidental. I’m not sure what’s going to happen next, but I have a feeling it’s not the hope everyone is looking for. I’m siding with Rick, no matter what. His gut instinct is more than enough reason to want him to be right. Let me know what you think about “The Distance” by dropping me a line in the comments section below or tweet me @ellemoe.

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