Aug 26 2014

The Lottery –“Sleep Deprived” Top Three Moments. Imaginary Babies.


The Lottery Featured ImageSeason 1, Episode 6

Air Date: Sunday, August 24, 2014 at 10/9c on Lifetime


“You’re going into a gunfight, sis. You better bring a gun.” – Vanessa’s brother

The Lottery reaches its plateau with “Sleep Deprived.” Every character that means anything is revealed. No longer do you have to wonder who the bad guy is. There is no reason to guess who really has the power in the nation (and it’s never the president because that would be too obvious). Last, but not least, the lottery turns out to be yet another reality TV contest because apparently, Americans just can’t get enough of the phenomena. But I can. I am enjoying the look into the contest, although I’m finding it to be a little predictable. There really isn’t anywhere left to go but down. I hope the writers can pull the story line back to the show’s initial focus. I don’t care much for First Lady Gabrielle (Shelley Conn) moving into position as the all important character; I’d like to see Darius (Martin Donovan) do more than going about ruining lives while sporting a pair of stylish reading glasses; and it is more than obvious Vanessa (Athena Karkanis) will continue to look for clues to something she’ll never find an answer for.

One of these people is on a power trip.

One of these people is on a power trip.

Moment #3 – Just Us Girls. Perry Sommers (Karissa Lee Staples) is keeping it real. I think she’s keeping it real stupid. She can’t want to have a baby, that much is true. So what does she want? Perry reveals her true feelings and instead of them getting her kicked out of the lottery, she’s embraced by Gabrielle. Are you kidding me? You know what’s going to happen, right? The one girl who truly needs to win, and would do anything for a chance at motherhood, Angela Maria Perez (Christiana Leucas), will get the short end of the stick. It just pisses me off to no end to see how blatantly obvious this thing will play out. The lottery is rigged. And you know the first lady is calling dibs on an embryo.

Moment #2 – The US Government is the Über Baddie. So, you mean to tell me the government of the United States created the infertility crisis and spread it across the globe just to be the first nation to harvest fertilized eggs? Nope, not buying it. Because you know what that means, right? The government is the devil. I’m so tired of this plot line in every dystopian-based drama series. Need someone to blame for everything wrong in the world, look at the government. There is no way Darius is the only one running things. He has to answer to someone. Darius is not the government. Obviously, he has so much power he can request the assassination of the president because, yeah, that’s a realistic. As an aside, Donovan is rocking this portrayal. Darius has everyone fooled and they don’t even realize he’s playing them. Next!

Kyle looks like he's in an ad for the lottery: Single, Sexy, Sperm donor.

Kyle looks like he’s in an ad for the lottery: Single, Sexy, Sperm donor.

Moment #1 – Kiss and Don’t Tell. Ooh, James (David Alpay) is gonna be pissed. Not only did I not see the kiss between Dr. Alison (Marley Shelton) and Kyle (Michael Graziadei) coming, I didn’t mind seeing the two in such a compromising position. Yes, I had high hopes for Alison and James. The chemistry is there so naturally I assumed the two would come together, for lack of a better phrase. Maybe it’s true when two people spend enough time around each other, they start to develop feelings. Kyle sure was feeling Alison. Just imagine if James had a key to Alison’s apartment. How would she have explained that away? I can’t wait to see where this potentially atomic situation goes.


“Sleep Deprived” does a fair job of moving along the plot. My concern is the lack of time spent in the lab finding a cure, and the actual lottery itself. No one said it would be a fricking game show. There’s no virtual reality situation that could mimic what a mother goes through with a newborn baby. I get it, and I understand what the lottery runners are trying to do but … no. I don’t think the first lady convinces anyone she is only “testing out one of the games for the lottery” because she seems a little too comfortable rocking an imaginary baby. I smell trouble brewing. What do you think about this week’s episode of The Lottery? Drop me a line in the comments section or tweet me @ellemoe with your thoughts on “Sleep Deprived.”

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