Sep 30 2014

The Lottery –“In Extremis” Review. Well, That’s That.


The Lottery Featured ImageSeason 1, Episode 10

Air Date: Sunday, September 28, 2014 at 10/9c on Lifetime


“I’m so sorry.” – Dr. Alison Lennon

Thanks for the apology, but it’s not enough to change how I feel about “In Extremis.” Predictable, boring, and finally over, The Lottery leaves me full of regret. Regret for time wasted on a show that didn’t deliver. I had such high hopes for this drama laced, sci-fi infused, dystopian series. The idea of an infertility crisis hitting the entire world, a potential resolution coming up, and it all gets sidetracked by blah, blah, blah. Vanessa (Athena Karkanis) gets a rude awakening but doesn’t seem to care; Alison (Marley Shelton) finds the answers she’s looking for and more; and the lottery finally comes to an end. The reveals aren’t major surprises, yet I kept holding out for more, hoping something would shock me.

The Truth

President Westwood is the real Geppetto.

President Westwood is the real Geppetto.

First Lady Gabrielle (Shelley Conn) gets a confession out of President Westwood (Yul Vazquez). “It wasn’t supposed to happen the way it did. It wasn’t supposed to happen at all.” Well, that makes it all better. Here Darius (Martin Donovan) was being villianized, when he wasn’t the true big bad after all. I never would have guessed the president was an asshole. Let’s face it, that’s what he is. His entire demeanor changes in “In Extremis.” I don’t like the change up. All along he’s been little more than a victim, and now he’s showing another side of himself. Could this be his true side? He makes Darius look like a saint.

Random Tidbits

Um, why does Gabrielle step away from the president like she knows something is about to happen? *whispers* Looks like someone wants to avoid a bullet. You are not supposed to side with Darius under any circumstances.

Perry (Karissa Lee Staples) gets a fertilized embryo! I’m sure you didn’t see that coming. I’m not so sure she’ll be the best mother she can be. Her scheme with Gabrielle is more telling than anything Perry can say. She wants fame and fortune no matter the sacrifice. Now all she’ll get is a baby—maybe. Of course, you had to know the lottery wouldn’t be as simple as all that.

Kyle (Michael Graziadei) is finally reunited with Elvis (Jesse Filkow). What a sweet moment to see the father and son back in each other’s arms. There isn’t anything better a happy ending, sort of.

Was James's sacrifice worth it in the end?

Was James’s sacrifice worth it in the end?

Memorable Lines:

President Westwood: “You should know that I’m very good at finding the truth.”

Is that a threat, Mr. President?


Darius: “The president dies tonight.”

Darius isn’t one to mince words, is he?


James to Alison about her staying in D.C.: “The emperor is dead; the forces of evil are gathering power; the good people must go away to fight another day. It’s Star Wars.”

Well, well, how’s about that? James (David Alpay) is a true nerd.


Alison: “I was able to fertilize another egg. It’s in the car.”

Kyle: “What, like in your purse?”



One happy family.

One happy family.

We don’t know who shoots the president (because duh, why would the writers want us to know that) and funnily enough, I don’t care. I’m so disappointed with the season. It began with so much potential that this downward spiral into suckdom just doesn’t make sense. What happened to the focus of the series? We didn’t learn anything except the government is evil, the people who run the government are even more evil, and one single person can bring about catastrophe because he feels like it. Is this what we were supposed to get out of The Lottery? If the series is to return, which I haven’t heard one way or the other, I won’t be watching. There’s no point. So, what did you think about the season one finale of The Lottery? Was it what you expected or less? Drop me a line in the comments section or tweet me @ellemoe with your thoughts on “In Extremis.”

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