May 08 2015

The Goldbergs – “Bill/Murray” Recap. Feelings Free Zone.


Season 2, Episode 23

Air Date: Wednesday, May 6, 2015, 9:30/8:30c on ABC


“You don’t know the things I’ve done for my children. You don’t want to know.” – Beverly

Can they make the greatest music video?

Can they make the greatest music video?

Beverly (Wendi McLendon-Covey) always supports her kids’ dreams, as long as they keep them within close driving distance. So, after shooting down colleges that would take Erica (Hayley Orrantia) overseas or across the country, Beverly sets Erica’s sights on Juilliard. Does Erica have what it takes or will her dreams be crushed?

Convinced Erica is a lock for the prestigious performing arts school, Beverly enlists Adam’s (Sean Giambrone) help to produce Erica’s submission tape. Together, they come up with an idea that draws from the best MTV has to offer. What can possibly go wrong? Speaking of MTV, remember when the cable channel used to show music videos? Now, it airs series like Teen Wolf and Finding Carter.

Beverly and Adam make for an entertaining duo and it’s nice seeing Adam working with his mother rather than trying to avoid her. Between the animated cat, the stuffed Ram, a live snake, and a wind and fog machine, it’s no surprise things quickly escalate and get out of hand as the greatest music video ever made turns out to be not so great.

Becoming best friends?

Becoming best friends?

Murray (Jeff Garlin) rarely interacts with anyone outside the family and while that behavior fits our perception of Murray, it also limits how we see him. Having David Koechner return as Bill, Lainey’s (A.J. Michalka) father, gives the audience a chance to see a completely different side of Murray. The last time we saw the two fathers, they were at odds over Barry and Lainey dating but after a meeting at school when the teens get busted for making out, Murray and Bill realize they have much more in common — sitting on the couch watching television.

The writers do a great job in “Bill/Murray” putting Murray into a situation that is new to him without changing who he is. Garlin gives one of his best performances yet in “Bill/Murray” as Murray struggles with all that goes into making a new friend. Unfortunately, the friendship doesn’t last long after Bill starts opening up about his ex-wife.



In addition to Koechner’s appearance, “Bill/Murray” has two other guest stars in repeat performances. First, Tim Meadows returns as Mr. Glascott, the school guidance counselor. Meadows is hilarious when he tries to give Beverly a reality check about Erica’s chances of getting into Juilliard. I especially enjoyed how Glascott seems to live his life based on the inspirational posters hanging in his office.

Then, Stephen Tobolowsky reprises his role as Principal Ball. I’ve enjoyed Tobolowsky’s work for many years, especially when he played Stu Beggs in Californication. His comedic style is a perfect fit for The Goldbergs and I appreciate the writers finding ways to incorporate him into several story lines this season.

I wish the scene at the end of “Bill/Murray” between Murray and Pops (George Segal) had been played up more. Pops makes a comment that didn’t fully register with me until after the scene had passed. While I’m not sure what the writers could have done differently, the powerful statement feels like it is glossed over. What did you think about Pop’s confession about his friendship with Murray?

Between Beverly being in full blown smother mode, Adam making a music video, Erica singing, Murray making a new friend, and Barry being, well, Barry, “Bill/Murray” has a little bit of everything for fans of The Goldbergs.

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