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Oct 23 2015

Haven — “Enter Sandman” Recap. Dream a Little Nightmare.

Haven holds nothing back as these final episodes unleash some strange and intriguing “troubles.” “Enter Sandman” finds our heroine Audrey Parker (Emily Rose) in a bit of a pickle when Henry (Rossif Sutherland), aka the “Sandman,” becomes infatuated with her, trapping her in his dream world. Can Audrey escape before she says, “I do?”

Oct 08 2015

Haven — “New World Order” Recap. Trapped In Haven?

Picking up where “Chosen” left off, “New World Order”” begins with Duke (Eric Balfour) kneeling on the ground with a rain storm of black “aether” balls flooding from his eyes making their way into the unsuspecting citizens of Haven. Meanwhile, Audrey and her main squeeze, who also happens to be Haven PD Detective Nathan Wuornos (Lucas Bryant), desperately try to assist Chief of Police Dwight (Adam Copeland) when a mysterious, impenetrable fog begins to surround Haven, causing the hysterical masses to lose control of their emotions and their troubles.

Sep 30 2015

Conference Call: HAVEN Emily Rose and Adam Copeland Talk About the Final Episodes

#Haven The Final Episodes begin October 8, 2015. Emily Rose, who plays multiple characters including Audrey, Lucy, Mara, and Lexie, and Adam Copeland, who plays Dwight Henderson, talk about what the fans can expect in the final 13 episodes of the series.

Dec 06 2014

Haven — “Chosen” Review. Mother Knows Best?

“Chosen” wraps up the first half of season five but still leaves many questions unanswered. I have a feeling the next 13 episodes will be Haven’s final ones. Writing this makes me sad. Season five of Haven has truly upped the ante and the writers took us on an epic adventure into a world of mystery, suspense, and doubt.

Nov 29 2014

Haven — “Chemistry” Recap. Toe the Line.

Hold the phone. Hold your horses. Hold everything. What just happened on #Haven5? Did what I think happened, happen? The mystery surrounding Mara (Emily Rose) and her endgame becomes a bit clearer and we finally learn who Dr. Charlotte Cross (guest star Laura Mennell) truly is.

Nov 22 2014

Haven — “Reflections” Recap. Steam. Lots and Lots of Steam!

Things are getting very complex on #Haven and when people literally start falling apart, it takes the “troubles” to a whole new level of weird.
A strange trouble is causing physical manifestations affecting a person’s self-esteem – a woman in debt who feels like she can’t keep it together begins to literally fall to pieces; a young boy being bullied for being tall, weak, and lanky then becomes a strapping muscle bound jock. But his strength is short lived and he is nearly crushed to death by his dumbbell. If Audrey (Emily Rose) can’t figure out who is causing this trouble, someone else might die.

Nov 15 2014

Haven — “Mortality” Recap. Who Is Dr. Charlotte Cross?

A contagion is spreading through Haven, Maine like wildfire, causing people’s “troubles” to activate. This leads to a chain reaction of more cataclysmic events, including a chemical spill. The race to find out who the source of the contagion is comes to a shocking conclusion, leaving no one safe.

Nov 08 2014

Haven — “Morbidity” Recap. An Outbreak and Dancing Bears, Oh My!

“Morbidity” is a very intriguing episode with something very disturbing lying beneath the surface of the “dancing bear” trouble and illness plaguing Haven. “Morbidity” begins with a haunting dream sequence. Someone is running through the woods, bodies are lying lifeless on the ground, “Croatoan” is carved into a tree, and a “thinnie” is wide open. When Dave (John Dunsworth) wakes up in a panic, infected leg throbbing, he calls an old friend for help. Meanwhile, Dwight (Adam Copeland) tries his best to stall the CDC’s Dr. Charlotte Cross (guest star Laura Mennell) from discovering the “troubles.”

Oct 25 2014

Haven — “Nowhere Man” Recap. Dead Men Do Tell Tales.

“Nowhere Man” takes us on a strange yet interesting journey full of unexpected twists and turns. We learn more about the Audrey/Mara (Emily Rose) split from “The Old Switcheroo, Part 1” and how it affects Audrey’s ability to help the “troubled.” There is also some “pancake” time with Nathan (Lucas Bryant) and Audrey, but it takes a back seat to the intricacy of the mysterious new trouble sweeping through town.

Oct 18 2014

Haven — “The Old Switcheroo, Part 2” Recap. Brother Troubles and Seeing Double.

I am digging this body switching trouble. As we saw in last week’s “The Old Switcheroo, Part 1,” several people were switched. Duke (Eric Balfour) is now in Nathan’s (Lucas Bryant) body. These two switching roles makes this some very entertaining TV. Confusion runs rampant in “The Old Switcheroo, Part 2.”

Oct 03 2014

Haven — “Much Ado About Mara” Recap. Isn’t Gibberish Fun?

How much fun is “Much Ado About Mara?” The “gibberish trouble” also known as the “Scoville trouble” has Duke (Eric Balfour) talking all kinds of crazy nonsense, and while he thinks he’s making sense, his words don’t convey what he’s feeling or thinking. Aside from the insanely entertaining gibber-jabber, there is a much darker side to this episode. Mara (Emily Rose) adds another notch to her dastardly belt but I have to admit, I kind of like this ballsy persona. I love Audrey (Emily Rose), I do, but something about Mara makes me want to get to know her more. What’s her story? I’m sure I’ll absolutely loathe her by the end; I actually wanted to smack her after what she says to Dwight (Adam Copeland), but her honesty is refreshing in a town so full of secrets.

Sep 26 2014

Haven — “Spotlight” Recap. Pancakes and Laser Beams.

Before we get into Nathan and Mara’s groping scenes (oh yeah), let’s talk about the new “trouble” happening in “Spotlight.” A Haven resident, Jody (Lucia Walters), is shooting laser beams from her chest. I know I’m not the only one thinking she has laser boobs! Alas, the lasers come from her torso but don’t originate in the center of her breasts like those boob-guns from Austin Powers. These laser beams are deadly and cause a lot of anxiety for many.

Sep 20 2014

Haven — “Speak No Evil” Top 5 Moments. Pencils Can Be Deadly.

“Speak No Evil” doesn’t lose traction after the shocking end to last week’s season premiere, “See No Evil,” during which Mara (Emily Rose) shoots Nathan (Lucas Bryant). I knew he wasn’t dead…ok, so I was worried a little, but the writers can’t kill Nathan. They just can’t. As “Speak No Evil” begins, Duke (Eric Balfour) finds Nathan but is oblivious to Nathan’s injury because he’s so consumed with finding Jennifer (Emma Lahana). But, if you recall in the season four finale, “The Lighthouse,” Jennifer stopped breathing inside the cave.

Sep 11 2014

Haven — “See No Evil” Review. Monkey See. Monkey Shoot. Monkey Taser?

Haven is back but this is a much darker Haven than we last saw in the season four finale “The Lighthouse.” “See No Evil” is a shocking and enthralling season premiere. Haven ups the ante for this season. Of note, there are several clues from last season that play a major role in what goes down in the season five premiere “See No Evil.” And we will definitely see plenty of dastardly deeds happening courtesy of Mara (Emily Rose).

Sep 11 2014

Conf Call: HAVEN Season 5 – Emily Rose and Lucas Bryant Talk About Love Suckers, Pancakes, and Lots of Steam

This was the most fun I’ve had on a call in a long time. Emily Rose and Lucas Bryant have such great banter during this call especially fielding things like being called “a love sucker” and the hilarious exchange regarding Nathan and Audrey making “pancakes” last season. Apparently there will be more “pancakes” maybe some “waffles” and a whole lot of “steam” happening this season.

Jun 17 2014

HAVEN Adds Laura Mennell To Season 5 Cast In Recurring Role

Syfy’s fan-favorite series Haven will get a new resident when Laura Mennell (Alphas, The Watchmen) joins the cast in a recurring role playing Dr. Erin Reid, a brilliant and beautiful epidemiologist from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) who fears the town of Haven is on the verge of a deadly viral outbreak. Filming for the series’ 26-episode fifth season is currently underway on location in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Jan 28 2014

TV News: HAVEN Fans Rejoice – Syfy Orders 26 New Episodes

Syfy has greenlit 26 new episodes of its hit series Haven, which posted growth in both Adults 18-34 and Adults 18-49 last year. The first 13 episodes of Season 5 are set to premiere this fall with the remaining 13 episodes scheduled to air in 2015.

Dec 14 2013

Otherworldly Door. Review: Haven — “The Lighthouse”

“The Lighthouse” picks up where “When the Bough Breaks” left off. There’s a disturbing glimmer in Audrey’s (Emily Rose) eyes as she places her blackened hand upon Duke’s (Eric Balfour) chest to re-trouble him. Maybe it’s just me, or maybe I’m greedy but I expected more from this season finale—with it being a two-parter, no less. Don’t get me wrong, the mind-boggling ending is an absolute doozy. Lives are at stake, and that makes me worried for what could happen in season five (which has yet to be formally confirmed). My four star rating is mainly based on Colin Ferguson’s brilliance in his portrayal of William, and for the strange events leading up to the final scenes.

Dec 08 2013

Trouble Maker. Retrospective: Haven — “When the Bough Breaks”

Who is Audrey Parker (Emily Rose)? This question has been asked before but there’s hasn’t been many clues…until now. Even though “When the Bough Breaks” doesn’t tell us exactly who Audrey Parker is, we get a glimpse of the person she was when she was with William (Colin Ferguson).

Nov 23 2013

Darkside Seekers. Review: Haven — “Shot in the Dark”

The title of this episode is a bit of a controversy. Syfy’s Haven show site titles this episode “Shot in the Dark” while all the clips we’ve posted and IMDB have titled it “Monster’s Ball.” For argument’s sake, I’m sticking with “Monster’s Ball” given the hairy creature that’s featured in this week’s Haven, it goes without saying. But the heart hungry monster isn’t the only thing visiting the not-so sleepy town of Haven, ME. The Darkside Seekers have come and are digging up the dirt everyone is trying to sweep under the proverbial rug.

Nov 16 2013

Some Wishes Come True-ish. Review: Haven — “The Trouble with the Troubles”

“The Trouble with the Troubles” gives us so many shocking revelations, I literally clasped my hand to my mouth when the biggest reveal happened. I’m not even sure I am typing of my own volition because I’m in a state of disbelief. Not denial, just a state of ‘What the heck just happened!’ Haven continues to be fresh, inventive, and downright surprising.

Nov 09 2013

Electrifying Developments. Review Haven — “William”

Just when I think I have an idea of what’s happening on Haven, “William” blows my theories to smithereens. “William” is a fantastic, mind-blowing episode that will have your jaws aching from being dropped to the floor, and your eyes and ears straining to make sure you don’t miss a single electrifying moment! Beware, things are not as they seem.

Nov 07 2013

TV News: Syfy’s HAVEN Gets Visitors As Danny Masterson and Kris Lemche Guest Star

Danny Masterson (Men at Work, That ‘70s Show) and Kris Lemche (Joan of Arcadia, Ghost Whisperer) join the cast of Syfy’s popular series Haven as guest stars. In the cross-over episode, titled “A Shot in the Dark,” Haven’s season-long social media storyline makes the jump to the small screen when the Darkside Seekers, a duo of paranormal investigators who star in their own low-budget TV reality show, pay the town of Haven a visit to investigate reports of a murder victim missing a heart. Tweet me @judybopp #HavenSnitch

Nov 02 2013

Morphing Troubles and Creepy Crabs. Retrospective: Haven — “Crush”

“Crush” isn’t just about someone liking someone, it’s more a literal term meaning someone’s trouble is crushing people to death. While this trouble is a unique one in that the person afflicted has never had a family history of a trouble, what is most intriguing is the reason why the troubles are morphing. And as Lexie/Audrey (Emily Rose) said in “Lay Me Down,” things in Haven are about to get weird..er.

Oct 27 2013

Blood Isn’t Always Thicker. Retrospective: Haven – “Lay Me Down”

“Lay Me Down” is hands down the best episode of Haven so far this season. There is a plethora of drama, mystery, a delightfully scary new trouble, and of course, chivalry and romance. As we dive into “Lay Me Down,” the entire town is on NoDoz® because someone’s sleep trouble is causing dreams to become reality—and not in a good way. One town drunk dreams about being mauled by a bear (seriously) and he dies in his sleep looking like…he was mauled by a bear. But our main characters aren’t immune to this trouble.

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