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Sleepy Hollow – “The Kindred” Review. Franklinstein vs. the Horsemen?


Sleepy Hollow S2 Key Art (featured)Season 2, Episode 2

Air Date: Monday, September 29, 2014 at 9/8c on Fox



“My faith in you is my greatest weakness.” — Abbie


Slow and steady wins the race but I’m not sure this philosophy applies to television shows. I know Sleepy Hollow’s writers are probably prepping us for some major craziness with Moloch’s (Luke Smith) plans to “scorch” the earth, but the slow pace of “The Kindred” leaves me wanting. While there are a great many intriguing happenings in this second episode of the season, especially Henry’s (John Noble) shenanigans, I wasn’t impressed with this episode as a whole.


Two peas in a pod...the pod being the 7th circle of hell on earth

Two peas in a pod…the pod being the 7th circle of hell on earth

Ichabod (Tom Mison) obviously has a tremendous weakness for his beloved wife Katrina (Katia Winter). She’s a gorgeous witch after all, who has the power to contain evil…sometimes. But I agree with Abbie’s (Nicole Beharie) assessment that Henry is also one of Ichabod’s tender spots. No matter what, Henry is his son despite being the Second Horseman – the Horseman of War. I’m sure that’s what every father wants — his son to grow up and annihilate the world alongside an evil demon. (Note the sarcasm.) But for Abbie, as the above quote indicates, Ichabod is her Achilles’ heel. Not because they are romantically involved as Abraham (Jeremy Owens) — aka the Headless Horseman or Horseman of Death —suggests to Katrina. Ichabod and Abbie are now closer than ever. Their bond as the “two witnesses” has grown stronger, creating a connection between them similar to family. In truth, they are each other’s weaknesses, in addition to others. I also believe Jenny (Lyndie Greenwood), Abbie’s sister, is a danger to them. All of these people, if they were in danger, both Abbie and Ichabod would sidetrack their mission to help them. Isn’t the grand plan to stop Moloch from bringing about the apocalypse? As much as they love these people, I have a feeling someone won’t make it to the end.

As an aside, Noble is fearsome as Henry. While his benign cardigan and glasses mask his true nature, Henry is blinded by the resentment he harbors toward his parents, Ichabod and Katrina. I don’t know whether he will be able to see past what he thinks happened to him all those years ago, but I love watching Noble portray this tortured soul each week. He almost makes you feel empathy for Henry, so much so, I feel myself making excuses for his misgivings.

Patchwork Monster vs. Horsemen?

One head, check. One instruction manual to raise Franklinstein, check. Knowing how to read

One head, check. One instruction manual to raise Franklinstein, check. Knowing how to read it…um…check?

“The Kindred – a creature assembled from parts of deceased soldiers; a patchwork creation believed to be a match for the Horseman of Death.” Ichabod reads this passage from the “codex tchacos” or the “lost gospel,” and it is Benjamin Franklin (guest star Timothy Busfield) who originally stitched the creature together. Despite the writers’ crude reference to Frankenstein — “Franklinstein” — I admit I like their twisted minds as they mold one of our most celebrated historical figures into kind of a sick mad scientist. But what Franklin and Katrina’s coven couldn’t do centuries ago, Ichabod and Abbie now remedy with the missing ingredient needed to raise The Kindred (Derek Mears).

The epic battle…wait, there isn’t an epic battle. I truly wanted more from this fight scene. Come on, it’s the Headless Horseman fighting a creature wearing his own loped off head. That would light a fire under me like no one’s business. But this isn’t a fair fight. Good old Horseman of War joins in the reindeer games, too. I don’t think Abbie’s shotgun is any match for War’s armor, but ‘A’ for effort, Abbie.

New Sherriff in Town

Not sure how I feel about Sheriff Reyes but damn it was good to see Irving again!

Not sure how I feel about Sheriff Reyes but damn it was good to see Irving again!

I would be remiss if I didn’t at least mention Captain Frank Irving’s (Orlando Jones) replacement. Sheriff Leena Reyes (Sakina Jaffrey) means business. Not sure how I feel about her, especially with how she treats Irving, who is transferred from prison to a psych ward for evaluation after he tells the truth about who actually killed those two deputies last season. I’m curious to see how Reyes handles the mysterious decapitations happening in town. She says Sleepy Hollow is her home town but I wonder if she knows more about the strange happenings than she’s letting on. I feel as though she’s hiding something.

Funny Moment

When Abbie and Ichabod go to the bank to retrieve the head from Irving’s safety deposit box, Ichabod is astounded to find the pens are chained to the desks. “These people entrust you with their fortune, yet you cannot entrust them with a simple ink well?” Yeah, what’s up with that?


While I am not doing cartwheels, I did enjoy “The Kindred.” The costume and makeup departments are to be commended for their outstanding work on The Kindred creature. He looks so menacing but when he looks at Abbie during the fight, his eyes hold kindness. There are many interesting plot points that I’m sure will have their day in the sun before the season is over. Katrina overhears plans regarding Moloch’s rise but I wonder if that’s what Henry and Abraham wanted. At any rate, Katrina and Ichabod’s brief reunion is bittersweet.

One thing I’m particularly curious about is Henry’s action at the end of “The Kindred.” His deception, posing as an attorney for Irving, is quite mysterious but it is the doctored fountain pen that sends my mind a flutter with possibilities. Why does Henry need a drop of Irving’s blood? Will Moloch try to inhabit the body of a mortal to escape purgatory?

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