Dec 03 2014

Sleepy Hollow – “The Akeda” Recap. Fate Is Fickle, Indeed.


Sleepy Hollow S2 Key Art (featured)Season 2, Episode 11 (Fall Finale)

Air Date: Monday, December 1, 2014 at 9/8c on Fox





“The sword requires a sacrifice – the life of anybody who wields it.” — Abraham


Words previously spoken are coming to fruition and my predictions about certain characters and their allegiances are beginning to take shape. As the impending apocalypse draws near, a life will be lost and loyalties are put to the ultimate test. Who will be left standing?

The 'A' Team. A for Apocalypse.

The ‘A’ Team. A for Apocalypse.

“The Akeda” surprises me with how events unfold, as well as their ultimate conclusion. As Ichabod (Tom Mison) and Abbie (Nicole Beharie) go after Abraham (Neil Jackson) and Henry (John Noble), they find the miniature model of Sleepy Hollow. When they use red yarn to mark all the locations Henry has been to, from the first to the last, the yarn outlines a pentagram shape over part of Sleepy Hollow. It’s a replica of Moloch’s (Marti Matulis) lair in purgatory. Realizing Frederick’s Manor is empty, they hear a scream outside – Abraham is trying to perform the binding ritual with Katrina (Katia Winter). Ichabod, “sword of Methuselah” in hand, goes after Abraham. Abraham reminds them all, “All magic has a cost.”

I am quite taken aback by Ichabod and Katrina’s behavior both toward each other and separately. I know Ichabod has lingering issues about Katrina lying to him in the past, but with her actions now, especially directed toward Abraham, I am inclined to agree with Ichabod’s reasoning. I do, however, think during the heat of confrontation and with a dire situation at hand, Ichabod and Katrina need to talk it out rather than consider each other only as “comrade in arms” for the time being. They are husband and wife, for Pete’s sake. But have Katrina’s loyalties changed? The way she speaks to Abraham, saying how much she cares for him, I’m beginning to wonder if she’s forgotten her mission.

Henry begins to see how truly valued his services are to his so-called 'father' Moloch.

Henry begins to see how truly valued his services are to his so-called ‘father’ Moloch.

Henry (John Noble) once said to his father Ichabod, “Fate is fickle,” and no truer words have been uttered when speaking of what transpires in “The Akeda.” Fate is unpredictable and what happens to Henry in the final moments of “The Akeda” are quite unexpected…to a point. I mentioned in my review of “The Weeping Lady” that both Henry and Abraham might have doubts about their allegiance to Moloch. For example, Abraham, after being captured then threatened by Irving (Orlando Jones) wielding the “sword of Methuselah,” tells Abbie, Ichabod, and Katrina the plans for the coming “end of days.” It doesn’t go unnoticed how Katrina pleads with Ichabod to spare Abraham’s life, claiming he may be useful later. Does Katrina know something the others don’t? Abraham said these things under duress; should he be trusted?

I’m sure Hawley (Matt Barr) was happy to see Ichabod, hoping Abbie is close at hand, but it’s Jenny (Lyndie Greenwood) who tags along. They seek Hawley’s assistance, as well as all the weapons he has to help fight Moloch’s army of the dead. I’ve enjoyed the friction Hawley’s character brings to the already bonded group. His past is tied to Jenny in her previous dealings with the last sheriff, Corbin (Clancy Brown), but now Hawley is keen on making the present and future all about Abbie. I know Abbie is ready to sacrifice herself to win this war over evil but I hope she finds a reason to live more than anything.


Interesting Lines/Moments

Easy, Ichabod. You can think about your wish list AFTER you stop the apocalypse.

Easy, Ichabod. You can think about your wish list AFTER you stop the apocalypse.

Ichabod gets a ride on a motorcycle. “I want one of those as soon as this is over.” Typically, apocalypses usually last a while don’t they…so….yeah.

Abbie asks Ichabod a tough question, “Crane, I need to know that if your son interferes with us killing Moloch, you’ll be able to use this sword against him? You must be able to kill Henry.”

Henry views Moloch as his new father. His delusions of being in Moloch’s favor and good graces are singular. Moloch doesn’t care about anything but himself. He stops at nothing and sacrifices anyone standing in his way. When Moloch makes this fact very apparent, I believe Henry finally sees he’s been a fool. But can a leopard change its spots? Henry has done despicable and treacherous deeds in the service of Moloch. Do you think he is capable of redemption?



“The Akeda” is an intense fall finale leaving us with some unanswered questions and a jaw dropping ending. Losing one of the main characters is never easy but I wouldn’t say Irving is completely lost. Remember, his soul was taken before he was sliced open by the Horseman of War. And Irving didn’t go down without a fight. He slays the iron clad monster like a boss! Now we just have to wait until the New Year for the final two episodes of season two to see if Henry’s change of heart will actually stick.


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