Oct 07 2014

Sleepy Hollow – “Root of All Evil” Review. Two Sides of the Coin.


Sleepy Hollow S2 Key Art (featured)Season 2, Episode 3

Air Date: Monday, October 6, 2014 at 9/8c on Fox



“Trust is the only currency with any value; all other forms are too easily counterfeited.” — Ichabod


Trust plays a major role in this week’s installment of Sleepy Hollow, “Root of All Evil.” A dangerous coin appears from the past, circulating its way into the hands of innocent people, magnifying the seeds of darkness within them, no matter how big or small.

Perhaps Benedict Arnold wasn't a turncoat after all...

Perhaps Benedict Arnold wasn’t a turncoat after all…

We know of Judas’ betrayal of Jesus for the small sum of 30 pieces of silver from the Bible. And, during the American Revolution, dark forces used 30 “Tyrian shekels” to turn the tides, even making a traitor out of one of the most loyal of subjects, Benedict Arnold (Scott Poythress). And here we thought old Benedict was nothing but a turn coat, but the way Sleepy Hollow’s writers spin the tale, Benedict didn’t betray his country of his own volition.

The shekels, the size of a quarter, draw out the darkness in whoever holds the coin. Several Sleepy Hollow residents, including Jenny (Lyndie Greenwood), unfortunately come into contact with the coin, some with fatal consequences. What intrigues me about this coin is it reminds me of the Janus coin. While each coin has its own historical reference, the Janus coin has two faces on one side of the coin. They coincide with the two faces Henry (John Noble) presents throughout “Root of All Evil.” Henry uses the currency to create diversions, steering Abbie (Nicole Beharie) and Ichabod (Tom Mison) in other directions. Henry is planning something on a large scale, going so far as to create a small scale replica of Sleepy Hollow. My mind immediately thought of voodoo dolls but instead of creating dolls in the likeness of the person he wants to harm, Henry recreates the town. It’s still unclear why but I know it isn’t going to end well.

Ichabod and Abbie must enlist the help of an outsider in order to help Jenny and get the coin

Ichabod and Abbie must enlist the help of an outsider in order to help Jenny and get the coin

Noble is chilling in his role of the slighted son. He’s now living in his ancestral home where his mother Katrina (Katia Winter) gave birth to him. Katrina is foolish if she thinks she’s reaching out to her son Jeremy. Jeremy no longer exists; he is now Henry Parish, and Henry Parish is the Second Horseman – the Horseman of War. Do you think Jeremy still resides inside the jaded Henry? I’d like to think he does but with the way Noble portrays this character, it’s difficult to see past the bitterness enveloping Henry.

Trust issues arise between the sisters when Jenny learns the truth about Sheriff Reyes’ (Sakina Jaffrey) connection to her and Abbie’s mother. This is compounded when Jenny comes into contact with the shekel. But her anger and resentment isn’t directed at the person you think. The details the sisters uncover about the circumstances surrounding their mother’s stay at the psychiatric hospital are interesting. Were Abbie and Jenny pre-destined to encounter and battle the evil surrounding Sleepy Hollow?

Irving's attorney Henry Parish has banned Ichabod and Abbie from visiting him but Ichabod figures out a solution.

Irving’s attorney Henry Parish has banned Ichabod and Abbie from visiting him but Ichabod figures out a solution.

To help them find the shekel, Abbie and Ichabod enlist the help of one of Jenny’s contacts, Nick Hawley (guest star Matt Barr). Is this Hawley guy a new ally or potential foe? Only time will tell. I think the addition of Hawley’s character provides a great stimulus for Sleepy Hollow. Barr brings a dynamic to the cast that is refreshing because you aren’t sure whether Hawley is a trustworthy person.. His motivations seem clear; he talks about money a lot but I think there is another side of Hawley that will slowly be revealed. I wonder whether he and Jenny had more interaction than she’s letting on.

Ichabod reveals to former Captain Frank Irving (Orlando Jones) the true identity of his attorney. I think all this demon business is getting to be too much for Irving. But I think Ichabod is right; the safest place for Irving is inside the psychiatric hospital. If Henry wants Irving out, it can’t be a good thing. I hope they find more for Irving to do this season. Jones is too good an actor to waste his talents on a character who is locked up in a psych ward. Something isn’t sitting well with me about Sheriff Reyes and I’d like to see if Irving could unravel that mystery.

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