Jul 21 2015

San Diego Comic-Con 2015 CBS Press Room: Scorpion – Fall Preview (Season 2)


CBS Press Room

Scorpion – Fall Preview (Season 2)

After a successful first season, the cast of Scorpion was eager to discuss their upcoming sophomore season during 2015 San Diego Comic Con. In attendance were Elyes Gabel (Walter O’Brien), Katharine McPhee (Paige Dineen), Eddie Kaye Thomas (Toby Curtis), Jadyn Wong (Happy Quinn), and Robert Patrick (Cabe Gallo).

For starters, the cast talked about what they’re looking forward to most for the upcoming season.

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Elyes Gabel and Katherine McPhee joked that if they gave away spoilers, Gabel might be sent back to England.

McPhee said she’d like to see Paige more involved with the action. Wong noted, “What’s exciting for Happy, and I’m what I’m sort of excited to see is to see is…with Paige (McPhee) and Cabe (Patrick) coming into their lives and it’s sort of impact. That’s changed somethingWong elaborated some more, stating, “With the geniuses, they were used to being in their circle and they operated at a certain level and now, with this sort of influence, it’s almost like an awareness that’s been dropped onto her. Its like, is she going to do something about it? But on the other side, she’s so used to doing things a certain way, so I sort of want to see that conflict.”

Gabel gushed about how the show continues to blend stressful scenarios and comedy “like the comedy that they write in the show because it’s just a nice change from saying you have to save the world every single episode.”

Thomas provided a more high level perspective on what to expect next season. “We’re very aware what our audience responded to and we listened to them. It’s a very unique show in that we’re not a procedural; we’re not a straight drama; and we’re not a comedy. We’re this very special hybrid. CBS is allowing us to have our own voice and we’re going to continue to go in that direction.

When I asked about the dynamics of the characters, Thomas noted the backbone of the show consists of characters with these obscenely high IQs and obscenely low EQs and due to this, the characters have trouble relating to other human beings. “Not to a debilitating point but just our intelligence is so high that it can get in the way, especially now that a romance gets involved and the stress of all these emergencies, so that will continue to happen. It’s the second season so we have to raise the bar and raise the stakes.

Next I asked whether the actors could reveal something unexpected that happens to their characters but McPhee appeared reluctant to answer. Gabel, however, stepped up.

The problem is…if we tell you that, there are embargos. I get sent back to England.”

As everyone at the roundtable laughed, I thought for sure Gabel and McPhee were going to say they’d have to kill me if he told me. I do try to get something out of them by asking them to share one fun surprise that happens next season. Being persistent pays off! McPhee mentioned episode six is going to be 90 minutes long. Gabel shared an even bigger reveal— Gene Simmons of the rock band Kiss is going to guest star in the first episodes of season two and something happens to a member of his character’s family.

Patrick reveals he may have redeemed himself with Walter while showing us his Terminator ring.

Patrick reveals he may have redeemed himself with Walter (Gabel) while showing us his Terminator ring.

As the conversations continued, I spotted Robert Patrick coming to our table; it’s time to make a fan girl confession—of the entire cast, I am most excited to interview him. After all, who doesn’t recognize Patrick from his 1991 role as T-1000 from Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Patrick quickly disclosed more details about the Simmons’ cameo from the first episode. “It’s fun. It has to do where we are after last season and what we’re doing to fill the time, occupy and make a living, and that sort of thing.” Although, it appears the characters aren’t really pals. “Sort of,” Patrick teased.

Next, Patrick opened up about his character going into season two. “Cabe is a tragic guy. He’s flawed and he suffered some great loss, which is a very profound thing that we go back to; that sort of gives his heart and his relationship with Walter. So, I’m never going to lose that; I’m always going to be that guy. I think now he’s redeemed himself to Walter and Walter really does trust him, it’s going to be fun to see how we deal with that as it’s a different dynamic. They’re all taught not to really trust me that much and they’re all really waiting for me to do something. It’s going to be interesting.”

Executive Producer Nicholas Wootton elaborated further. “One thing we’re doing this second season they’re going to be pairing in ways we didn’t see last year. With Robert and Kat together, and their individual take on things, they’re doing as we go forward

Patrick agreed. “Paige and I hadI think we’re going to circle back to that a lot. We trusted each other. I’m looking forward to the dynamics with each of the other actors and their characters, and that’s going to be fun to play.”

As a teaser, Wootton dished on what leads to the Cabe and Paige interactions. “There’s a big case that’s going on. A number of the team are trapped in place; these two guys are not. They’re kept outside so they have to figure exactly how to help the inside so they’re doing a bit of an investigation into what’s going on.

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Jadyn Wong and Eddie Kaye Thomas shared some touching encounters with fans of the show.

Gabel and McPhee also shared season two premiere teasers. McPhee says Walter and Paige spend a lot of time together during the premiere, adding “There’s something to do with technology that backfires on Walter.”

Speaking of technology, I asked Eddie and Jadyn if the show has made them savvier with technology.

I was not savvy before and I’m not savvy now. I think I’ve needed to update my phone for two or three weeks now,” Thomas kidded.

I’ve just tuned up my Google skills,” Wong shared. “I’ve just learned to use it more in my real life now, because that’s how it saves me on set.

Last, but not least, Thomas took the time to share some very special experiences they had with fans of the show. “There’s a real population of very intelligent children around the world who feel very alone. It can be a very alienating thing to be a genius at that age; your parents don’t know what to do with you; your school doesn’t know what to do with you; and this show has given them a voice.” He revealed they’ve been able to connect with these children. “It’s a really moving thing. Look, we’re on Monday nights to entertain people. We’re not a public service announcement, but it’s [Scorpion] rooted in the truth of the difficulty of hyper-intelligence and it’s a pretty cool thing to have witnesses, something I would have never expected to be a part of.

Scorpion returns September 21 and airs Mondays at 10pm ET/PT, only on CBS.

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