Feb 07 2012

Review: 2 Broke Girls – “And the Blind Spot”


Review: 2 Broke Girls,S1, Ep15, “And the Blind Spot”—Can Rich Girls Clean?

Air date: Monday, February 6, 2012, 8:30/7:30c, on CBS


Jennifer Coolidge returns as Sophie, the new upstairs neighbor who owns “Sophie’s Choice,” a maid service. She’s the bright-but-still-dim character in this episode, with her pseudo Polish accent, dissing the advances of Chef Oleg (Jonathan Kite), who professes, “I’d like to Gisele on your Bundchens.” Oleg’s shtick is wearisome. How many times can he ogle ladies and still be funny?

Sophie (Jennifer Coolidge) faces down Chef Oleg (Jonathan Kite)

Sophie may seem like a madam, but she’s not one to mess with. Caroline (Beth Behrs) and Max (Kat Dennings) take her up on her offer to hire them as her cleaning ladies. The girls need extra money so they can build a website to sell their cupcakes. Caroline, the always optimistic seller, wears on Sophie’s nerves.

Sophie: “Come on, this is scrubbing toilets! In or out?”

Caroline: “We’re in. All the way.”

Max: “In my experience, when someone has to tell you they’re all the way in, you’d better hope their tongue works.”

Sophie, giggling: “So dirty!”

Sophie really doesn’t like Caroline so she pushes Max to cut her loose. Clueless Caroline thinks she does a fantastic job of cleaning–a mirror, no less–but Sophieisn’t convinced she should hire her. But thanks to the loyal Max, they are both hired.

Frankly, Caroline’s repeated proclamation of “I’m rich” becomes a bore. You would think that living with Max would give her something of an edge, because that’s what usually happens when you’re “roughing it.” Only the rich would wear designer heels while cleaning a bathroom, and only clean the the mirror at that. She’s still a prissy little princess who does the bare minimum when it comes to cleaning. Max is forgiving, though, and that’s what a friend is.She’s also loyal, because she doesn’t follow Sophie’s advice to cut Caroline loose. Loyalty goes a long way in my book.

Caroline (Beth Behrs) tells Max (Kat Dennings) she's protecting her heels from the wet floor

But despite all of that, Caroline is a likeable character. That is largely due to Behrs’ talent for physical comedy, which is a noticeable contrast to Dennings’ deadpan comedic delivery. Both actresses are likeable actually, but isthat enough to carry this show? Would 2 Broke Girls benefit from allowing more screen time for Oleg, Han Lee (Matthew Moy), and the cashier Earl (Garrett Morris)? I doubt it, because they are stereotypical characters used for the occasional laugh. Or would Coolidge’s Sophie bring more funny? It’s halfway through the first season so this remains to be seen.


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