Sep 28 2014

Ray Donovan Season 2 Finale – “The Captain” Review. Full Circle.


Season 2, Episode 12

irdate: Sunday, September 28, 2014 at 9:00 pm ET/PT on Showtime


You don’t know who you are anymore, Ray. I’m sure you convinced yourself you were in love with her…it’s all gotten away from you. And I needed to make it right. I love you; Avi loves you.” – Ezra Feldman

A very angry Ray Donovan

A very angry Ray Donovan

Well, Ray ‘Donofans,’ it’s certainly been an exciting season, hasn’t it? We began with “Yo Soy Capitán,” which did a great job setting up the season, while addressing who will end up being the captain in the long run—Mickey (Jon Voight) or Ray (Liev Schreiber). It is also where Mickey talks to a dolphin he believes is his dead girlfriend Linda (Roseanna Arquette). In episode two, “Ubër Ray,” we meet reporter Kate McPherson (Vinessa Shaw) when she decides to investigate Sully Sullivan’s (James Woods) murder, as well as parole officer Brian Keith (Wendell Pierce) when Ray corrupts him into taking over Mickey’s case. Abby’s lover, Detective Jim Halloran (Brian Gerarghty), and Bunchy’s (Dash Mihok) girlfriend Patty (Heather McComb) first appeared in episode four, “S U C K.” Also in “S U C K,” we learned of FBI Bureau Chief Ed Cochran’s (Hank Azaria) penchant for swinging. Cookie Brown (Omar J. Dorsey) made his first appearance in episode five “Irish Spring,” when Marvin (Octavius J. Johnson) takes Bridget (Kerris Dorsey) to Cookie’s house for a party.

In episode six, “Viagra,” Ray’s former girlfriend Ashley (Ambyr Childers) asks Ray to help her current lover, Steve Knight (Eion Bailey), a self-help guru after he beats up a waiter. Ashley’s stalker, Bob Lapecka (Collin Christopher), reappears in episode seven, “Walk This Way.” In the explosive episode nine, “Snowflake,” Cookie murders Marvin and his father ReKon (Kwame Patterson), and unbeknownst to Cookie, Bridget witnesses the killings. In “Volchek,” episode ten, Lapecka warns Ray that Knight is abusing Ashley, and Mickey begins gathering his team for the pot store robbery. Finally, in episode 11, “Rodef,” Ezra (Elliott Gould) tells Ray and Avi (Steven Bauer) that Kate must be stopped before she publishes her story—a story that will send all of them to jail—and Cookie gives Ray $1M to find the “stalkerazzi” tape of Marvin and ReKon’s murders.

Lena picks up Ray after he's released from jail.

Lena picks up Ray after he’s released from jail.

Of course, much more happens in each of those episodes but there’s a reason I am listing these particular highlights. “The Capitan” does a beautiful job of wrapping up each of the story lines dealing with these characters, leaving the audience with no doubts as to who Ray Donovan is, and just how far he’s willing to go to protect his family, and himself. It’s a season finale loaded with murder, anger, revenge, and heartbreak. It’s also shows Ray keeping his promises to the people who have caused him, his family, and his friends the most grief throughout the season. If I could give Ray Donovan’s season two finale more than five stars, I would. It’s that good.

Mickey once again hallucinates he’s listening to Linda when he and Daryll (Pooch Hall) head to the track and Mickey encounters a horse named “The Captain.” They go there to confront Keith for his part in Terry (Eddie Marsan) being arrested for armed robbery. I find it interesting that the name of this season’s premiere, “Yo Soy Capitán,” which translates into ‘I am the captain,’ is so similar to the name of this season’s finale. It serves to show how everything in the second season of Ray Donovan comes full circle.

Terry refuses the offer of bail from Lena (Katherine Moennig), citing he doesn’t want any part of Ray’s money. The conversation Terry has with Ray speaks to the kind of man Terry is. “A bail is a promise and I don’t promise. I’m a flight risk…I deserve to be punished.” Thankfully, Ray tells Terry the only thing that gets him to change his mind. It’s a frightening thought, isn’t it?

With Alfonse on his knee, Cookie discusses Bridget's fate with Ray.

With Alfonse on his knee, Cookie discusses Bridget’s fate with Ray.

From Cookie’s introduction in “Irish Spring,” we know he not only is a rap music mogul, he’s also a drug kingpin, and one not to be taken lightly. So when Ray learns Cookie already has the tape showing Bridget walking away from the crime scene, he pays Cookie a visit. This scene sets up an interesting scenario since it happens during Cookie’s son Alfonse’s (Seth Carr) birthday party. With Alfonse on Cookie’s knee, the two men discuss what Bridget told the police, leading Cookie to comment, “Good. So neither of our kids will have to grow up without a father.” I’ve never heard of a drug lord telling the truth in a situation like that. Neither, apparently, has Ray.

Don't you just love the look on Cochran's face when he sees what's playing on his secretary's (Heather Schlitt) computer?

Don’t you just love the look on Cochran’s face when he sees what’s playing on his secretary’s (Heather Schlitt) computer?

Lena delivers some distressing news to Ray during an impromptu visit by Ashley and Knight who are there to further the lie about Lapecka. I wanted Ray to knock Knight’s lights out after he says, “I feel your pain, brother,” as he walks out the door, and knew this wasn’t going to be the last we see of the ill-fated couple. After hearing the terrible news about Kate, Ray goes on a rampage. My heart broke for him because he truly loves Kate, and was even willing to let her publish the story that would ruin him. At least now Cochran’s career is finished. I can’t say I’m sorry to see Cochran go, although I am sorry we won’t see Azaria anymore. He did such a wonderful job portraying the self-centered, egotistical bastard throughout the entire season.

I have grown to dislike Abby immensely over this season. She started out wanting her marriage to Ray to work and in the end, proves she’s just another user. She’s fake, and cares only about herself…well, herself and the kids too. But Abby doesn’t love Ray anymore—that much is clear. When Jim shows her his house, and says, “Just because I’m not going to break the law doesn’t mean I can’t protect you,” Abby is happy to move herself, Bridget, and Conor (Devon Bagby) in. That is, until she hears some news on the TV about Cookie that may make her change her mind. It will be interesting to see whether Abby chooses to live with Jim or Ray next season. Something tells me it will be Ray. Jim has outlived his usefulness.

Funny Line

Cookie to Ray when Ray asks what time Alfonse’s birthday party will be over: “I don’t know. These little motherfuckers, they like to party hard.” We’re talking about kids who are about 6-8-years-old here, Cookie!


There is no doubt “The Captain” is the most explosive, intense, riveting season finale I’ve ever seen. It is so captivating, I have already watched it twice so as not to miss one single word. Most shows end their seasons with cliffhangers to ensure their viewers return for the new season. Such is not the case with “The Captain.” It stands on its own, and if you’re a true ‘Donofan,’ like I am, you’ll be back next season to find out where our characters go next. Where is Mickey headed with that briefcase loaded with money? Will Terry go to jail or will Ray somehow ‘fix’ it so he doesn’t? And what does Frances (Brooke Smith) have to say about this? We didn’t see her at all in “The Captain.” I also wonder whether Conor wanting more pain pills for his broken arm will lead to a drug addiction for him. And what about Ray and Abby—will they patch things up?

What did you think of “The Captain?” Do you love it as much as I do? Leave me a comment below or tweet me @SeasideTV. Let’s discuss!

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