Aug 23 2015

Ray Donovan – “All Must Be Loved” Retrospective. Confession is Good for the Soul…or is it?


Season 3, Episode 7

Airdate: Sunday, August 23, 2015 at 9:00 pm ET/PT on Showtime



Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned. It’s …uh…been 36 years since my last confession.” – Ray

Ray meets up with Father Romero at church.

Ray meets up with Father Romero at church.

I knew Bunchy’s (Dash Mihok) confession in last week’s episode, “Swing Vote,” would have severe consequences but I didn’t expect what happens when Father Romero (guest star Leland Orser) confronts Ray (Liev Schreiber) about it. Bunchy is the basis of several plot points in “All Must Be Loved,” not the least of which is his burgeoning relationship with Teresa (guest star Alyssa Diaz), and what happens when Mickey (Jon Voight) puts him to work when dealing with the Armenians.

Following Terry’s (Eddie Marsan) hallucinations last week, Ray takes him to the hospital for a consultation with Dr. Righellis (guest star Cory Blevins) about his Parkinson’s. I can’t believe what an asshole Righellis is! A doctor should never laugh when a patient describes what’s happening to him, no matter how humorous, especially given Terry’s delicate state of mind. Righellis should consider himself lucky that Terry doesn’t punch his lights out. I’m not sure why writer David Hollander wanted to include this moment of so-called levity because it’s actually anything but. There’s nothing funny about Parkinson’s, especially when it’s getting worse—“Living alone isn’t going to be your best option.” I have to hand it to Terry, though; he thinks more about Ray and his problems than he does his own when considering Ray’s offer.

Things don't go as planned once Mickey, Darryl, and Bunchy get to the meeting place with the Armenians.

Things don’t go as planned once Mickey, Darryl, and Bunchy get to the meeting place with the Armenians.

Mickey should know better than to try to put one over on the Armenians. Mickey still doesn’t have the money he owes Mrs. Minassian (guest star Grace Zabriskie) so Davros (guest star Nikola Kent) and his cohorts pay Daryll (Pooch Hall) a visit. There are several scenes in “All Must Be Loved” that don’t ring true and this is one of them. For a man who has just sustained a pistol whipping, Daryll certainly doesn’t look any worse for the wear. Sure, he has a few spots of ‘blood’ on his face and clothing, but from his description to Mickey, there is no way Darryl should have the strength to go chasing after his Cadillac. Leave it to Mickey to come up with a plan to get the car back that is doomed from the get go. Although I didn’t mind Mickey getting his due, it’s a good thing Bunchy is there to save their asses.

I’m really enjoying Teresa and Bunchy together. Their onscreen chemistry is off the charts. Their kisses are at once soft, romantic, and hot. Not only does Teresa look out for Bunchy, she inspires him to be more of a man and to stick up for himself. I got a real kick, though, out of Teresa coming to Bunchy’s aid when she thinks Ray and Terry are mistreating him during a heated conversation. I love me a fiery woman who knows exactly what she wants and will stop at nothing to protect the man she loves! There’s something different about Diaz in “All Must Be Loved.” She plays Teresa with a much softer demeanor that is extremely becoming. Perhaps it’s the change in her hairstyle and makeup but whatever it is, I like it.

After receiving a call from Father Romero asking for a meeting, Ray confronts Bunchy about his confession regarding the dead priest. “I told him I shot him in the stomach and you shot him in the head.” It’s difficult not to feel sorry for Bunchy since he only knew Father Romero as his friend Thomas. Still, he should know better than to confess to a murder. While Bunchy’s revelation puts all the Donovan brothers on notice, I was extremely surprised by the direction Hollander takes with the script. What Father Romero asks Ray to do to keep the Donovan family secret under wraps doesn’t seem plausible for someone like Ray, but inexplicably, he agrees. It’s what Father Romero says to Ray later in the scene that really sets him off, and sent chills up and down my spine. Schreiber gives one hell of a performance in his scenes with Orser, although Orser more than holds his own. It’s almost as if Orser were born to play this role.

Don't do it, Ray!

Go home, Ray!

For the first time since Ray Donovan began, Ray and Abby (Paula Malcomson) act like a normal couple in love in “All Must Be Loved.” They have each other’s backs in a way that previously has been non-existent. It’s nice to see this change of pace and while I’d like to think this truce, so to speak, will last forever, I highly doubt it—especially with the final scene of the episode inside Paige’s (special guest star Katie Holmes) home. I hope Ray doesn’t give in.

Other Observations

I’m not sure why Bridget’s (Kerris Dorsey) friend Janet (guest star Alisha Boe) is pushing her towards a relationship with Mr. Donellen (guest star Aaron Staton). The picture of his dead wife on his Facebook page looks somewhat similar to Bridget, which is totally creepy. I don’t particularly care for this story line so I don’t understand why the writers keep pursuing it. It certainly isn’t going to go anyplace good. The best thing to come out of this story line is Bridget singing and playing guitar while thinking about her teacher. Dorsey has an extremely clear and amazingly sweet, beautiful voice—the kind I could listen to all day.


“All Must Be Loved” is a powerful episode that brings Ray Donovan full circle from the very first episode of season one. Although we don’t know yet where Bridget’s relationship with Mr. Donellen is going, “All Must Be Loved” seems like it could be the final episode of the season. Thankfully, it’s not. The acting in this episode is superb; the writing sublime; and director Tucker Gates knocks it out of the park with the way he balances both the tone and pacing of the episode.

What did you think of “All Must Be Loved?” What “consequences” will Ray, Bunchy, and Terry face? Is Paige right when she tells Ray, “You’re addicted to the fight?” Leave me a comment below or tweet me @SeasideTV. Let’s discuss!

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