Jul 09 2015

Raiders, Raptors, and Rebels: Behind the Magic of ILM Premieres on Science Channel July 9


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Mark Hamill narrates the special that includes exclusive interviews with George Lucas, Joss Whedon, Robert Downey Jr., James Spader, among others

 Panel at Comic-Con will feature special guests from ILM to discuss the special on Thursday, July 9 at 1pm in Room 25ABC

(Silver Spring, MD)INDIANA JONES, JURASSIC PARK, and STAR WARSperfect examples of science fiction inspiring science fact. For four decades, Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), a division of LucasFilm, has taken the impossible and made it possible. Magical cinematic milestones have become inspiration for real life scientific and technological innovations that have forever changed entertainment and the world. Featuring exclusive interviews with George Lucas, Joss Whedon, and an army of ILM masterminds, including John Knoll and Dennis Muren, Science Channel’s RAIDERS, RAPTORS AND REBELS: BEHIND THE MAGIC OF ILM gives Science Channel viewers a secret glimpse behind the closed doors of ILM, where scientific and technological wonders unfold, on Sunday, July 19th at 10PM ET/PT.

The brain-child of director George Lucas, ILM has come a long way since its inception in 1975 when Lucas was armed with one million dollars, an ambitious script and a dream that would become STAR WARS, the worldwide pop culture phenomenon. George Lucas and ILM forever changed the way films are made while inspiring a new generation of both film-makers and scientists who now work to shape the future, both onscreen and off. RAIDERS, RAPTORS AND REBELS features interviews with artists, scientists, technicians, directors and actors as they tell the stories behind some of the world’s favorite movie moments from JURRASIC PARK to STAR WARS and INDIANA JONES with exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of this summer’s blockbuster, Marvel’s THE AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON.

“We are excited to give Science Channel viewers this rare look into a world where science and movie magic collide in the very best way possible,” said Rita Mullin, general manager of Science Channel.

Science has almost caught up with the minds of filmmakers, as their work has done more than just advance entertainment and film; it has created an army of astrophysicists, archaeologists and engineers who have taken ILM’s vision into the real world. From TERMINATOR-inspired futuristic printers, mind-controlled bionic arms like Luke Skywalker’s in STAR WARS and life-saving plastic surgery inspired by THE HULK, ILM’s greatest special effect is how their world has changed us all.

RAIDERS, RAPTORS AND REBELS: BEHIND THE MAGIC OF ILM is produced for Science Channel by Lincoln Park Productions. For Lincoln Park Productions, the executive producer is Megan Harding.  For Science Channel, Neil Laird is executive producer and Presley Adamson is coordinating producer. Bernadette McDaid is vice president of production.


Source: ©2015 Science Channel, a division of Discovery Communications, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


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