Apr 01 2014

Oscar-Winning Producer to Bring Canadian Author’s Epic Fantasy to the Big Screen


Fresh off the Emerald City ComicCon panel in Seattle, WA, author Lorna Suzuki is high on a writer’s dream cloud – her books have been optioned for a major motion picture with an Oscar® winning producer. It’s any author’s dream to have their book published and to eventually become a best seller. To have your books be optioned for television or even a movie is icing on the cake. For a self-published author, Suzuki’s fantasy novels, The Imago Chronicles, is optioned for a movie trilogy and that, ladies and gentleman, is a feat. Talk about amazing odds!


In a press release:

Oscar-Winning Producer Joins Forces to Bring

Canadian Author’s Epic Fantasy to the Big Screen


Imago Chronicles Book 1 - A Warrior's Tale. Photo courtesy of Lorna Suzuki.

Imago Chronicles Book 1 – A Warrior’s Tale.
Photo courtesy of Lorna Suzuki.

Canadian indie author, Lorna Suzuki is pleased to announce that Oscar-winning producer, Don Carmody has partnered with independent filmmaker and executive producer, Michy Gustavia to co-produce Suzuki’s epic fantasy novels. The Imago Chronicles, A Warrior’s Tale is the first in a major motion picture trilogy and anticipated for worldwide theatrical release in 2015.

Best known for the Oscar-winning films, Good Will Hunting, the musical Chicago and the highly successful Resident Evil franchise, Don Carmody has over 100 films to his credit. His most recent releases include Mortal Instruments: City of Bones and the epic historical fiction, Pompeii. Ms. Gustavia’s production collaboration with this veteran filmmaker promises to immerse audiences in an action packed, character-driven fantasy world.

Casting is underway with full film production slated to start in the fall of 2014. Described as Lord of the Rings and 300 meets The Last Samurai, this epic tale has an ensemble cast featuring a powerful female central character that is half-Elf and half-human. The only one of her kind, she is shunned by one race and denied by the other. This movie trilogy will take the audience on a rollicking adventure in a fantasy world like no other, as this female protagonist climbs from obscurity, finding her place in an unwelcoming world to become a legendary warrior and leader amongst the very people who keep her at arm’s-length.

Lorna makes regular appearances at Western Canada’s premier science fiction and fantasy conference, VCON. This year, March 29-30 marked her first appearance at the Emerald City Comicon in Seattle, Washington with an attendance of over 75,000 fans.



Lorna Suzuki - author (thumb)About the Author: Lorna Suzuki is a freelance scriptwriter and the author of The Imago Chronicles, an epic ten novel fantasy series. She also co-writes a YA fantasy series, The Dream Merchant Saga with her teenaged daughter. When she is not writing, Lorna is a practitioner and instructor of Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu, an ancient martial arts systems incorporating six samurai schools and three schools of ninjutsu.


Follow Lorna Suzuki on Twitter @LornaSuzuki.

For more on her books, The Imago Chronicles, go to Amazon.com.



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