Jun 21 2015

Nurse Jackie – “Vigilante Jones” Review. Everything Happens for a Reason.


Season 7, Episode 11

Air Date: Sunday, June 21, 2015, 9 pm ET/PT on Showtime



I’m not ok. I’m about as not ok as I’ve ever been.” – Dr. Bernie Prince

I knew I would enjoy “Vigilante Jones” when I first heard Chris Elliott would be guest starring. He is delightful as Vigilante Jones, a slightly off-his-rocker person who thinks he’s a superhero. But Elliott isn’t the only reason I like “Vigilante Jones.” Jackie (Edie Falco) returns to her nursing job at All Saints; Dr. Prince (special guest star Tony Shalhoub) suffers a setback while treating a patient; and Eddie’s (Paul Schulze) back is up against the wall, the result of which may have severe consequences for Jackie.

I got a kick out of the way “Vigilante Jones” begins, with Jackie rocking out to some street dancers breaking to a cool tune. Her smile couldn’t be any larger these days whether she’s inside or outside All Saints. How nice to see Jackie back in her element, wearing her nurse blues, treating patients, and acting like nothing ever happened. Jackie has been through a lot these past seven years—in and out of several rehabs; married, divorced, and now engaged; drug free and drug addicted—and now, her life has returned to normal…well, as normal as it can be for an addict who still hasn’t lost her taste for drugs.

Edie Falco as Jackie Peyton and Anna Deavere Smith as Gloria Akalitus in Nurse Jackie (Season 7, Episode 11). - Photo: David M. Russell/SHOWTIME - Photo ID: nursejackie_711_1581.R

Jackie tries to talk sense into Gloria to no avail–until she sees who’s in Gloria’s apartment.

What Gloria (Anna Deavere Smith) tells Zoey (Merritt Wever) in the beginning of “Vigilante Jones” is surprising. I didn’t expect that from Gloria considering how important her job is to her. My question is, is this a result of what happened in last week’s episode, “Jackie and the Wolfe,” or is there something else at play here? As a child, my parents used to tell me everything happens for a reason even though it may not be apparent at the time. Such is the case for Gloria in “Vigilante Jones.”

Tony Shalhoub as Dr. Bernard Prince and Purva Bedi as Tazim in Nurse Jackie (Season 7, Episode 11). - Photo: David M. Russell/SHOWTIME - Photo ID: nursejackie_711_0580.R

Dr. Prince should have removed himself from the floor before treating Tazim.

I don’t know who is trying to fool whom but Dr. Prince and Jackie certainly don’t fool the audience when they’re outside the hospital pharmacy. Yes, they are friends and would probably do anything to help the other but that quickly changes when Prince attempts something for Tazim (Purva Bedi) he shouldn’t. He tells Jackie it’s because “there is a 12-hour wait for an operating room today,” but that’s not really what’s going on here. What’s worse, though, is how he goes off on Jackie and Zoey later, forcing Jackie to respond in a manner I know she despises. She may not be a doctor but Jackie is well aware of the Hippocratic Oath every physician swears to—‘First do no harm.’

Vigilante is brought into All Saints for problems with his legs—brought about by his constant need to climb “tall buildings” and protect people. “If I need to jump out of a speeding car to rescue somebody, I will.” Who does this guy think he is—Superman? Can you say, ‘cray-cray?’ Elliott knocks it out of the park with his portrayal of Vigilante. While the dialogue episodic writer Liv Flahive provides is brilliantly humorous, his delivery is so serious you can’t help but laugh—until Vigilante does something so stupid sad, my mouth hung open! However, the funniest moment in “Vigilante Jones” is Karlsen (guest star Jeremy Shamos) getting what he deserves via Vigilante. I actually laughed out loud.

Other Observations

The nerve of Karlsen! He is such a freaking douchebag! What, does he think he’s back in high school when he confides in Zoey? I must admit, though, I love how Carrie (Betty Gilpin) gets back at him! As an aside, I love his reference to Sex and the City; it’s one of my all-time favorite television shows and always puts a smile on my face.

Funny lines

Prince: “I’m trying to think of that headache medication…you know, it starts with an F. Fuck!”
Jackie: “That’s not it. Uh, Fioricet?”


Jackie: “What’s wrong with her?”

Zoey: “She has the flu. I mean, she sounded really healthy. You are the flu.”


Carrie, about Karlsen: “Tit for tat, dick smack.”



“Vigilante Jones” is one of the best darkly comedic episodes I’ve seen from Nurse Jackie, and I’ve seen them all. It begins with some terrific feel good moments but that all changes when it comes to both Vigilante and Dr. Prince. I know Nurse Jackie must wind down the show’s various story lines but I wish they had brought Shalhoub aboard sooner, and with a different, less melancholy one. He is that good as Dr. Prince. Speaking of story lines, I hope Eddie puts the fire out at his job. I don’t like the veiled threat he gives Jackie nor do I care for the argument they have.

As a penultimate episode, “Vigilante Jones” does a great job of setting up the series finale. What remains to be seen now is what Gloria’s relationship with Jackie will be if and when Gloria returns to work; a resolution to not only Eddie’s work dilemma but the status of his engagement to Jackie; and, of course, what happens with Dr. Prince. But it is Jackie’s last words of the episode that are most telling—“He flew; he fucking flew!” I suppose everything old is new again.


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