Sep 05 2017

Midnight, Texas – “Angel Heart” Review. Love Conquers All?


Season 1, Episode 7

Air Date: Monday, September 4, 2017 at 10/9c on NBC




“…I’d rather be not-safe together than safe apart.” – Chuy


Joe and Chuy have a love that transcends backgrounds.

I never thought there would be an episode of Midnight, Texas that I didn’t like but “Angel Heart” is not quite my cup of tea. It has one main element I’m not a fan of and that’s Bowie (guest star Breeda Wool). She is a former friend of Joe’s (Jason Lewis) from millennia ago and because of what happened in last week’s episode, “Blinded by the Light,” Bowie goes to Midnight looking to settle a score with Joe. By the way, the wild-hair theory I noted in “Blinded by the Light” about Chuy (Bernardo Saracino) is spot on. The love between Joe and Chuy transcends their backgrounds. Sometimes, love can conquer all…even when a fallen angel with “anger issues” comes to your hometown and tries to break you up.

Bowie reads the Rev’s mind and finds out he’s not quite human.

The opening scene set millennia ago shows Bowie and Joe battling demons. The make-up in the series thus far has been fantastic; however, in this scene it is truly lackluster. Plus, the way the blood splatters appears amateur. If the characters are knee deep in black demon blood, they should be dirtier, bloodier than the mere smudges and streaks on Bowie and Joe’s faces. And no offense to Wool, but her overacting is painful to watch. Throughout the entire episode, she tries too hard to play the wronged friend. Her bullying tactics to find Joe by threatening the townsfolk, using her ability to read minds and utilizing that knowledge against people is pathetic. I know the storyline is necessary in order to propel Joe and Chuy’s arc forward, but I almost couldn’t stand watching the scenes with Bowie. I was ready to shank the bitch myself. Her “anger issues” aren’t her only problem. Her sense of entitlement because she’s an angel, fallen or not, is so delusional, it borders on insanity.

Joe faces off with Bowie to help save his friends.

The final battle between Joe and Bowie isn’t as exciting as I would have like it to be; however, what Chuy does to help save the man he loves is such a beautiful act of selflessness. I think because Bowie is such a raging lunatic, it almost seems like an unfair fight – she’s older than Joe and more powerful – although Joe has something she doesn’t, something worth fighting for. Despite the “Midnighters” victory, the veil is still fraying and Chuy isn’t able to fight the pull for much longer.


Interesting Things

Creek (Sarah Ramos) needs some time to heal…she is not coping well with all that’s happened to her family, and understandably so. Manny (François Arnaud) knows she needs more time before she goes back to work; it’s only been a few days since the incident. To make matters worse, Bowie uses Creek’s thoughts against her and reveals things to Manny she probably doesn’t want to be public knowledge.


If Lem and Olivia knew what Chuy was, do you think they would have helped? I think Lem and Olivia are divided on the matter.

Chuy and Joe hide out in Olivia (Arielle Kebbel) and Lem’s (Peter Mensah) “panic room,” aka the closet. Chuy’s reaction to finally being able to leave the small room is hilarious. “Good, because the two of us hiding in the closet is making my head explode.”


Speaking of Lem and Olivia, their conversation about the future of their relationship is an eye-opener for Lem. I know Olivia is happy being human but I also know she loves Lem. Her comment about them enjoying what they have has a huge impact on Lem. He’s finally found someone who loves and accepts him for who and what he is…to know it won’t last forever has to hurt.



The saying “love conquers all” may not hold true for everyone in Midnight. Love is present throughout “Angel Heart,” and while it helped Joe bring Chuy back from the brink, others aren’t having such a great time with their relationships. Lem is pondering what Olivia said while Manny is coping with new developments in his situation with Creek. “Angel Heart” isn’t my favorite episode, mostly because of Bowie and her maniacal temper tantrum, but at least the storylines for many of the characters are propelled forward. Joe finally tells Manny about the so-called prophecy but it falls on skeptical ears. Xylda (Joanne Camp) has told Manny stories about his ancestors fighting evil in the past, but with his relationship with Creek at an end, he’s rethinking his decision to stay in Midnight.


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