Aug 19 2015

Hotwives of Las Vegas – “What Happens in Vegas…Seriously, What Happens There?” Review. Lady Luck Needs a Drink!


Hotwives of Las VegasSeason 2, Episode 1

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Looking for access to some good, raunchy fun that doesn’t require bail money? Hulu’s Hotwives of Las Vegas is your ticket to uncomfortably hysterical times. And don’t worry if you missed season one, Hotwives of Orlando, because the Hotwives of Las Vegas are changing things up in Sin City!

Hotwives of Las Vegas is outlandishly entertaining and absurdly funny. A spoof based on all the crazy Real Housewives of… reality shows, Hulu has reinvented the genre with a comedic force that cannot be reckoned with. From the First Lady of Las Vegas (Angela Kinsey), who goes by “First Lady,” to the self-appointed matriarch of the bunch Leona (Dannah Feinglass Phirman), who is also the so-called “peacekeeper,” Hotwives of Las Vegas will keep you in stitches and sauced up like a meatball in your Italian grandmother’s kitchen.

As you watch the very pregnant Jenfer (Casey Wilson) walking down the aisle to marry Ace (Keegan-Michael Key), who happens to be First Lady’s ex-boyfriend, you know the drama is about to fly, especially when both the bride and groom want to walk down the aisle – separately. Wilson is hilarious! I’ve loved her since her days on SNL and ABC’s Happy Endings. Wilson’s portrayal of Jenfer, a Southern gal from meager stock, absolutely slays me. The over exaggeration of her southern drawl and catty antics make Jenfer and her cohorts a blast to watch.

Admittedly, I was a tad confused by the unique relationship between Vance (Paul Scheer) and his sister Callie (Erinn Hayes), yet once you watch the premiere, you are still confused but more intrigued to learn about their unearthly bond. Mind you, Callie is a “witch,” and I mean an actual witch…or so she believes. The only hitch in this adoring sibling couple is Vance’s wife Ivanka (Andrea Savage), who, like the rest of us, is having a hard time accepting the odd closeness her husband has with his sister.

What I love about Hotwives of Las Vegas is the unapologetic [fake] drama and over the top shenanigans. If you’re having a bad day, watch this show and it will make you laugh your troubles away. From Phe Phe (Tymberlee Hill) stealing chairs at weddings and poor Denise (Danielle Schneider) being unable to find someone to “hug,” the cat fights, name calling, and all round backstabbing is enough to make you glad you watched the Hotwives of Las Vegas. I know I am…whatever that means. You know what I mean.


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