Feb 14 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day? Review: 2 Broke Girls – “And the Broken Hearts”


Review: 2 Broke Girls, S1 Ep16, “And the Broken Hearts”

Air date: Monday, February 13, 2012, 8:30/7:30c on CBS



Aside from the crude exchange between Oleg (Jonathan Kite) and Sofi (Jennifer Coolidge) about having her “come” and clean his place, there are some cute moments in this episode. We have Han Lee (Matthew Moy) in dainty pink wings and matching underpants (which were “suffocating the boys”), getting excited about Valentine’s Day, despite having nearly zero customers in the diner. But it’s poor Earl (Garrett Morris) who has the best lines. Even from his ER bed after suffering a heart attack at the sight of Sofi, he keeps the cheer and the funny going. He’s 75 years old, but he is still overcome by female beauty.  Morris hits his comedic lines perfectly; you can’t help but like him. He’s like an uncle who’s always ready to proffer advice.

Earl: “Oh thank God it’s you, Han. I saw the wings and thought heaven was full of chunky Chinese cherubs and no jazz.”


Sofi: “Oh Earl, you make me smile. I wish we had black people in Poland when I was growing up.”
Earl: “Too bad, we would have really enjoyed segregation and Hitler.”

Sadly, no one has a date for Valentine’s Day. Max (Kat Dennings) sarcastically says she wants “real love, like Ice Loves Coco” but most of the girls’ time is spent visiting Earl in the hospital, which they gladly do. I am actually touched by their concern for him. Earl has as much affection for them as they do for him. They’re like a little family. When you think about it, we spend more of our daily hours with coworkers and bosses than we do with our own families. So it’s no surprise they have become a family of sorts.

Caroline (Beth Behrs), always the do-gooder, hits up a former boyfriend, now Dr. David (actor unknown), so Earl can get a private room to recuperate. We get a taste of just how much of an outsider Caroline is now that she is no longer rich and her father is in jail—her former boyfriend rejects her advances and tells her he can’t be with her because of what people might think. Why couldn’t he have been gentler with her, seeing as she is alone on Valentine’s Day, and at a hospital visiting her coworker? What a crappy thing to say to someone who’s not at fault for what her father did. Caroline may have taken a giant tumble from her ivory tower, but she’s made the best of her situation and strives to always be positive. She deserves compassion.

Despite this rejection, Caroline is cheered when her father sends her two bouquets of red roses. She was worried she wouldn’t get any because he’s in jail. Not only does she get flowers, but Max does, too. Max’s bouquet has a note attached from Caroline’s father, expressing gratitude to Max for taking care of Caroline. Only, Max has to ruin the moment by saying, “Roses from a man. I think I’m getting it. Is it wrong that I kind of want to sleep with your dad right now?” Ugh!

There was no cupcake making this time, so the girls’ current total this week is $865.00.


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