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Grimm Season Finale – “Cry Havoc” Recap. Royally Screwed.


GrimmSeason 4, Episode 22

Air Date: Friday, May 15, 2015, 8/7c on NBC





“O’ from this time forth, my thoughts be bloody, or be nothing worth.” – Grimm




Season finales can either be fantastic, making fans anxious for the next season, or they can be mediocre, leaving fans unsure of whether they care what happens next. Thankfully, Grimm gives its fans one helluva finale in “Cry Havoc,” and I am beyond anxious for what will transpire in season five. From Nick (David Giuntoli) seeking to avenge his mother Kelly’s (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) untimely and gruesome demise, to the unexpected developments in his quest, Nick and his friends come face to face with danger and a choice no one wants to make.

Throughout season four, there have been numerous adventures, so to speak, the main two revolving around Nick getting his Grimm powers back, and the royals’ relentless search to find Adalind’s (Claire Coffee) first born child Diana (Sloane McGinnis). Through the arduous journeys this season, Nick has faced many challenges, but none have compared to what happens to his beloved girlfriend Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) in “Cry Havoc.” The severe side effects of Nick regaining his powers resulted in Juliette becoming a Hexenbiest, but not just any Hexenbiest. Juliette became one of the most powerful Hexenbiests ever known due to the unnatural way in which she transformed. This strange transformation changed Juliette into an unfeeling, selfish bitch; no need to beat around the bush about it. She relished in her newfound powers, wanting no part in any cure or “suppressant” for her ‘biestly’ nature.

In her selfishness and cold demeanor, Juliette finds a kindred spirit in Sean’s (Sasha Roiz) father, King Frederick (Dan Kremer). When Rispoli (Phillip Anthony-Rodriguez), leader of the royal Verrat, informs the king of Prince Kenneth’s (Nico Evers-Swindell) arrest, the king couldn’t care less. Knowing “the Grimm” set up Kenneth, King Frederick also knows Kenneth probably won’t make it out alive. With that knowledge, the king continues his plans to leave Portland as soon as possible, his lovely granddaughter Diana and his new Hexenbiest in tow.

Don't mess with an angry Grimm.

Don’t mess with an angry Grimm.

The air surrounding Kenneth and Nick in the abandoned warehouse is wrought with raw anger and tension. Kenneth’s snide remarks about Kelly being a “let down,” as far as Grimms go, stings. Not a wise thing to say to a Grimm full of rage. Kenneth also says something about Juliette’s role in helping procure Diana’s return to the royal family. “She’s changed the course of history, just so you know.” Needless to say, the fight doesn’t end well for Kenneth. Such a shame…he was like a tall drink of cool water in a dirty glass.

After Kenneth’s bloody end, Nick and Hank (Russell Hornsby) rally the team —Adalind, Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell), Rosalee (Bree Turner), Sgt. Wu (Reggie Lee), Trubel (Jacqueline Toboni), and Bud (Danny Bruno). Although Bud doesn’t really get in on the action, his role is just as important. He provides much needed moral support, as well as the team’s home base. Both Bud and Rosalee stay behind to look after a very pregnant Adalind while the rest of the gang try to find Diana. There is an oddly funny moment when Bud asks Rosalee what she think they’ll (Adalind and Nick) will name the baby. The child is going to be a Grimm-Biest or Hexen-Grimm but I hope the writers don’t put Adalind and Nick together just for the sake of the child. I’d love to see Adalind with someone else…like a certain resistance fighter named Meisner (Damien Pucker).

Two Grimms, two humans, and Blutbad - armed to teeth and ready to kick some royal ass!

Two Grimms, two humans, and Blutbad – armed to teeth and ready to kick some royal ass!

The goal is to infiltrate the king’s temporary residence outside of Portland to get Diana back, killing the Verrat and as many royals as possible. Nick’s response, “kill her,” when asked what to do if they run into Juliette may surprise some people but that just means they’ve missed a few episodes. Juliette has gone cray-cray and burned more than the Grimm trailer; she’s torched the bridges of friendship to ashes. In TV time, it seems like this happened just a short while ago so you may be wondering how everyone can turn on Juliette so quickly. Well, she tried to kill Adalind, which is understandable, but she nearly killed Monroe and has been behaving like a, dare I say it, royal bitch. For television timing purposes, the hatred had to escalate quickly to the point of loathing to help fans when the end comes.

The way things go down in “Cry Havoc” definitely threw me for a loop. I felt something was up with Trubel when she doesn’t answer her phone while driving with Bud. Also, there are glimmers of Juliette’s remorse over Kelly being killed, which made me think the old Juliette might resurface. That thought, sadly, is quickly dashed with her next move.

R.I.P. Juliette

R.I.P. Juliette

The encounter with Nick and Juliette is contentious. Even as he holds her throat with both hands, he can’t kill her. She goads him, laughing at his last remaining shred of compassion for the woman she used to be, and then throws him like a rag doll through a window. She reaches up for the final blow saying, “Goodbye, Nick,” at the same time Trubel walks in and says, “Goodbye, Juliette.” A moment of silence, please.



“Down with the king.” Joy oh joy! Meisner returns in the most epic way! Yes, he’s still hot and he’s the helicopter pilot who whisks away the King and Diana, supposedly. I nearly laughed and Meisner drops the king out of the helicopter while in flight. After a flashback to when Meisner helped Adalind during childbirth, you see the twinkle in Diana’s eyes as she remembers him. Will Meisner take Diana abroad or will he stop by to visit Adalind first?

Who called Trubel while she was in the truck with Bud? Turns out it’s FBI Agent Chavez (Elizabeth Rodriguez) from episode three, “The Last Fight.” Is Chavez part of the resistance? It’s still unclear. Agent Chavez rolls up to Nick’s house immediately after Trubel kills Juliette. Is Trubel working with Chavez? Is Trubel now part of the resistance?

Sean needs to lead the Portland Police Department off the scent of the Jack the Ripper case given the description the surviving victim provides of her attacker, “tall, 6’4”, 6’5’, well dressed; slender…he has a British accent.” Hmm…sounds like someone we know; what a shame he’s already dead. Or is it? Sean plants evidence making it seem as though Kenneth is good ol’ Jack. Let’s hope the other two detectives in his precinct aren’t dogged like Nick and Hank.



“Cry Havoc” is an entertaining and eye-popping season finale. I was sad to see Juliette die but it seemed like she wanted that to happen. Trubel made the tough choice she knew Nick couldn’t. Everything has changed now and with the king dead, will Prince Viktor (Alexis Denisof) take up the reign and continue his search for Diana? What is Agent Chavez doing back in Portland? Who does she work for? Remember, she’s a Wesen but is she part of the resistance or another arm of the Verrat? And will we ever get back to those damn keys that make a map? Season five can’t get here soon enough! My hat’s off to episodic writer Thomas Ian Griffith and episodic director Norberto Barba; job well done.

What did you think of “Cry Havoc?” Leave me a comment below or tweet me at @judybopp. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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