Feb 03 2015

Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce – “Rule No. 3: Don’t Stand in the Doorway” Retrospective. Facing Your Fears.


Season 1, Episode 10

Air date: Tuesday, February 3, 2015 at 10/9c on Bravo



I’m sorry; what kind of junior high mommy mafia anti-feminist bullshit is this? Have we all not seen ‘The Vagina Monologues?’…Ladies, it’s not her fault your husband is cheating on you, or your husband, or your husband.” – Jo


Jo, Phoebe, Delia, and Abby huddle together after the earthquake.

Jo, Phoebe, Delia, and Abby huddle together after the earthquake.

After successfully pitching her idea for a new article to Warren (Giles Panton) in last week’s “Rule 32: F-You, Rob Frumpkis!,” Abby (Lisa Edelstein) learns some good news. “HuffPo is publishing my article and I’m trending!” Ford (J. August Richards) wants to share details of his trip to Texas with Max (Patrick Heusinger), while Delia (Necar Zadegan) faces a proposition from former lover/client Gordon Beech (Matthew Glave). In the meantime, Phoebe (Beau Garrett) goes all business woman to pitch an idea to Marco (Brandon Jay McLaren), the owner of the farm where she volunteers, and Jo (Alanna Ubach) tries to get her daughter Zooey (Alison Thornton) into Abby’s kids’ school, the Center for Expanding Horizons.

Best Friends

Jo proves to be a great friend when Abby faces off with an angry horde of women on the Center’s fundraising committee. All the ladies have read Abby’s article, in which she details all those horrid dates she went on. Remember Nate (guest star C. Thomas Howell), the married guy Abby dated in the beginning of the season? Well, Nate’s wife Karen (guest star Susan Walters) is a member of said committee and wastes no time trying to find out whether Nate is the “cheater.” Actually, all the women want to know whether Abby dated their husbands. These bitches are like a pack of angry wolves surrounding their prey. But Jo may have bit off more than she can chew given these women have something to say about Zooey’s acceptance to the school. Good intentions aside, sometimes Jo lets her mouth get the better of her.

He Did What?

Jo, Abby, and Delia get together to talk.

Jo, Abby, and Delia get together to talk.

Jo gets a huge surprise when she visits Delia to talk about the state of her financial affairs, especially since her estranged husband Frumpkiss (unseen) is allergic to horses. Looks like Jo won’t be writing any “big checks” for a while so Zooey better nail her school interview. But that’s not the worst of it; Jo learns even more upsetting news about Frumpkiss. I admire how well Jo keeps it together; normally, she’d be cursing to beat the band and doing some kind of crazy little dance. I wouldn’t blame her, given what Delia uncovers. Jo’s problems, as well as Phoebe’s, take a back seat, though, when an earthquake hits. The way Abby handles son Charlie’s (Dylan Schlomberg) fears is admirable, to say the least.

The Ghost of Lyla

Delia helps Charlie after the earthquake.

Delia helps Charlie after the earthquake.

Lyla (Janeane Garofalo) may be gone but she certainly isn’t forgotten. As Abby removes the glass shards from Jo’s bloody foot, Phoebe and Abby reminisce about what Lyla would say about Phoebe kissing Marco. I love Phoebe’s explanation of Lyla’s definition of a “vagine” and a “vagina.” Kudos to Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce (GG2D) for providing a wonderful moment to remember what a valued member of the cast Garafalo was. It sure would be nice if she returned for a cameo or three.


GG2D skillfully tackles the hard topics and “Rule No. 3: Don’t Stand in the Doorway” (“Rule No. 3”) proves just that. Lilly (Connor Dwelly) is being bullied at school but she wasn’t put on the “slut list” because of anything she did. Rather, it’s because of Abby’s article. I understand Jake’s (Paul Adelstein) concern but his request for Abby to lay off the “50 shades of Abby shit while we have a daughter in high school” is unreasonable—especially given the terrific job the Huffington Post’s Amanda (guest star Nora Dunn) offers Abby. So, what’s a mother to do when having to choose between her daughter’s well-being and making a comfortable living?

Principal Vicky Barrows’ (guest star Carmen Moore) explanation of why the school can’t do much is a blow for Abby and Jake, who get another shock when they find out who’s responsible. At least Lilly learns a valuable life lesson when Abby tells her, “Sticking your head in the sand doesn’t make the problem go away.” The conversation Abby and Jake have with Nate and Karen Klein is filled with double entendres and cloaked with references neither Lilly nor the Kleins’ daughter Dorie (Abby Ross) understand.

Will She Ever Learn?

Phoebe tries out her marketing plan on Delia, Jo, and Abby.

Phoebe tries out her marketing plan on Delia, Jo, and Abby.

Phoebe provides Marco with an excellent way to increase his profits but like many men, his ego gets in the way. I know he doesn’t want to take “corporate money” but as Phoebe says, he’d “have to be an asshole to pass this up.” Unfortunately, Phoebe makes a fool of herself after the meeting Ford sets up for them with Coca-Cola®. Phoebe better get a hold of herself if she wants to be taken seriously in the business world. She needs to stop acting like a male chauvinist.

Time for Couples Counseling?

Ford and Max have problems going beyond whom they’re screwing outside of their marriage. Perhaps the “hall pass” isn’t such a good idea after all. Max couldn’t care less about what Ford did in Texas and when Ford’s calls to him go answered, suspicion creeps in. When trust is questioned, and jealousy enters the picture, the time has come for professional help.


“Rule No. 3: Don’t Stand in the Doorway” does a great job of addressing the fears in all of us. From the simplest—Charlie’s fear of the dark—to the more serious—Delia’s fear of commitment, and Abby’s avoidance of Will (Warren Christie), everyone faces their worst fears in “Rule No. 3.” And I haven’t even mentioned Jake’s reaction when he realizes his services aren’t required at Abby’s after the earthquake. Everyone wants to be needed by someone, and for Jake, he’s always been Abby’s rock. But she’s grown—to the point where she can stand on her own.

Writers Liz Kruger and Craig Shapiro do a wonderful job of continuing Abby’s journey through the psychological stages of divorce. Although Abby and Jake are only separated, she’s blamed Jake, mourned the loss, experienced the anger that comes with divorce, and accepted being single—the first four stages according to an article by attorney Diane Neuman. Now it’s time for Abby to settle down—the fifth stage known as re-entry. Since we haven’t seen Jake experience the same stages, I can’t help wondering when that will happen. Although, this is the Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce.


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