Jan 06 2015

Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce – “Rule 33: When in Doubt, Run Away” Retrospective. Everyone Has Problems.


Season 1, Episode 6

Air Date: Tuesday, January 6, 2014, 10/9 on Bravo



Nobody truly interesting is universally liked.” – Carl

It doesn't take much to convince Abby to join Phoebe and Delia in Las Vegas.

It doesn’t take much to convince Abby to join Phoebe and Delia in Las Vegas.

“Rule 33: When in Doubt, Run Away” (“Rule 33”) continues along the same lines as last week’s episode of Girlfriend’s Girl to Divorce (GG2D) in that it addresses some serious topics with a healthy dose of humor sprinkled in. Phoebe (Beau Garrett), along with Delia (Necar Zadegan), convinces Abby (Lisa Edelstein) to join her on a working vacation in Las Vegas. Don’t you just love the “wiggle” dance Phoebe and Delia do to convince Abby to join them? Abby, in turn, invites Lyla (Janeane Garofalo) because of how stressed she is awaiting the social worker’s report. In the meantime, Abby’s soon-to-be ex-husband Jake (Paul Adelstein) takes a ‘trip’ of his own that leads to a revelation at the end of “Rule 33” most people won’t expect although many will like.

Lyla wakes her sons upon returning home.

Lyla wakes her sons from a sound sleep.

I know Phoebe and Lyla have had their problems in the past but I thought they had made up, so to speak. The look on Phoebe’s face when Lyla shows up with a limo to take them to Las Vegas definitely belies that notion. “Lyla, what are you doing here?” Can you say awkward? And let’s remember, Phoebe isn’t the only one Lyla has problems with. She also doesn’t like Delia. It is difficult, I know, to forgive those who hurt or malign us but Phoebe, Delia, and Lyla do a dance in Vegas that soon leads to Lyla exposing her true feelings. I just never expected what happens when Lyla returns .

Abby’s editor Missy (Shannon Chan-Kent) annoys the hell out of me. Given her age and never having children, who is she to tell Abby what to write about? Obviously, divorce is still fresh in Abby’s mind; the very thought of it is “painful and sad” and not a topic most women want to discuss, unless, of course, they’re talking to their best friends. As a book editor, doesn’t Missy know authors are at their best when writing about things they know?

Abby’s nemesis, Cleo Stevens (Jamie Denbo), apparently is out to destroy Abby with the number of times she criticizes her in her videos, and one has to wonder why. Surely there are enough mothers out there to justify two authors talking about similar subjects. Don’t you just want to wipe that grin off Cleo’s face, especially when she tells her viewers how to feed a baby when you don’t have baby food with you? “ABC turkey” is gross, and all around eww! If you don’t know what “ABC” stands for, drop me a note and I’ll fill you in. As luck would have it, Cleo is in Vegas promoting her new book “Backburner Baby,” a fact Abby learns poolside when two cute blondes offer the ladies some drinks in a “baba” courtesy of Cleo. I can only assume creator/writer Marti Noxon is using Cleo to accentuate Abby’s insecurities as a means for her to conquer them. Then again, Juan Carlos, aka Carl (guest star Victor Webster), does a good job in that area. The way Noxon introduces the two—having Carl “save” Abby from Glen (guest star Lee Vincent), an obnoxious nerd trying to pick her up in a casino bar—is pure fun, to say the least. I particularly enjoyed Abby’s retort when Glen tells her his new glasses have ex-ray vision – “I am not wearing any glasses, Glen, but I can tell you’re wearing a wedding ring.” Jerk.

This is not a typical date for Abby, although she certainly enjoys herself.

This is not a typical date for Abby, although she certainly enjoys herself.

Abby is shocked to learn Carl’s services are the kind you pay for, as was I. He doesn’t come across as a “gigolo” although he sure qualifies as eye candy! Instead, he’s intelligent, well-spoken, witty, and gives Abby “the most amazing insight.” Those eyes, though—I could see myself falling into the dark abyss of mystery hidden in the depths of his penetrating gaze. I’m not one to hire a man for services rendered, but I sure could see myself paying for him! I digress.

Jake is having the time of his life with his new main squeeze Becca (Julianna Guill). Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for her. Jake thinks their sex is “amazing” while Becca replies, “Yeah, it was great” in a tone that conveys the opposite. Ouch! Becca tells Jake he’s “emotionally blocked” and wants him to visit her shaman (guest star Christopher Hyderdahl) with her. Ah, the things we do for love…or, in this case, lust. So while Abby and company are doing “party Vegas” instead of “mellow Vegas,” Jake is doing his best to keep it together after the shaman gives his group of followers what can best be described as LSD. Adelstein does a wonderful job portraying a man who’s taken a hallucinogen. His facial expressions and body gestures alone were enough to make me laugh out loud more than once.

Finally, we begin to get some back story about Delia when a stranger (guest star Brian George) approaches her and Lyla in the casino. We don’t learn much from him other than Delia’s real name is “Bilbar,” and he apparently is a member of her family, possibly her uncle. There’s more—something about getting checks every month, respecting her elders, and “the people who sacrificed for her” but that’s it. I can’t wait to find out what Delia/Bilbar is hiding.


“Rule 33: When in Doubt, Run Away” is another great episode of GG2D. I realize this is the kind of show one either loves or hates but for me, I obviously adore it. Noxon wastes no time taking serious subjects and addressing them in a humorous tone, thus taking away the solemnity that many times accompanies shows with a serious nature. In that regard, GG2D reminds me of Showtime’s hit series Shameless. Like the aforementioned show, GG2D has terrific dialogue that is funny when needed and dramatic when necessary, sensational acting, and superb direction. As the first of Bravo’s foray into scripted series, I can only hope the rest of the network’s shows fare as well as GG2D.

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